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The best kept secret in music


"Setrak Setrakian"

From Composer Miguel Almaguer- Mexico
I' m very happy to see, Mr. Setrakian as your Artist of the Month.
I think He is a great artist not only in your land but also abroad. I met his music almost a year ago, and since the beginning I felt I was listening something totally different to my culture but still I was able to make a deep emotional connection with this music. I found In Mr. Setrakian’s compositions the flavor and essence of your land and the emotions of the world, so for a Mexican was very important to find this and being able to know more about the Lebanon.


"Setrak Setrakian"

Under his talent, music is mastered, contemplated and pushed to it extreme limit to bring back like from beneath the white keys... -

"Alessandro Simonetto"

"Besides being a great friend, Setrak Antoine Setrakian is definitely an important musician able to write rivers of music without interruption, rapidly and instinctively.
Setrak, gifted with an innate absolute pitch and profundity of soul, is always able to "read between the lines" and masterfully interpret life's moments. His music leaps from the heart, suddenly and instinctively, not always respectful of academic rules, and is accompanied by a quest for purity of tones amongst the multiplicity of sounds.
I am truly grateful to have known Setrak the man and the artist, and I gladly dedicate this page to his cause: that he might soon be discovered and valued

"Arthur Semerjian"

The audience was taken by the emotional outbursts of the episodes of "Liszt's
La Campanella," and all concert program, performed impetuously and
technically perfect. He shaped the music of Chopin's "Sonate Op.58,No.3 with
deepest insight, shaded with superb pianistic technique. All the works were
performed with noble restraint, with unbelievable _expression for the melodies
and impeccable virtuosity in the spirit of the composer. Enthusiastic
applause by the audience prompted two encores. - Conductor

"Joe Barojian"

Elaborate display of technical prowess.In the prestidigitation of
cascading scales and dizzying octave runs of Schumann's "Kreisleriana Op.16"
and Brahms "Sonate No.2,Op.2", and Chopin CD, Setrak Setrakian resembled a sketch artist
bringing a scene to life with quick virtuoso strokes and shading...Setrakian
conveyed an impression of narrative momentum underlying a musical structure,
regardless of how explicitly programmatic. - LAMIREDO Recording Studio

"ArchBichop Zareh Aznavorian"

Setrak Setrakian performed Chopin CD , which is characterized by march-like
decisiveness as well as humorous flamboyancy, with impeccable technique, a
distinct understanding for Chopin's pianistic style Using muted dynamics and
resonant touch. - Church

"Tony Habib"

Setrak Setrakian played Chopin CD, grace, melodious sound and
plenty of brilliance, revealing an immaculate technique. - Concert Pianist


Released CDs
Volume 1::
Beethoven, Sonate No.1, Op.2,No.1
Beethoven, Sonate No.17, Op.31,No.2
Beethoven, Sonate No.23, Op.57
Beethoven, Sonate No.14, Op.27,No.2

Volume 2::
Brahms, Sonata No.2, Op.2
Bach-Busoni, Toccata and Fugue In D minor
Khachaturian-Setrakian, Sabre Dance
Liszt, La Campanella
Liszt, Concert Etudes No.3
Schumann, Kreisleriana Op.16

Volume 3::
Chopin, Etude Op.10, No.12
Chopin, Ballade No.1, Op.23
Chopin, Ballade No.4, Op.52
Chopin, Scherzo No.2, Op.31
Chopin, Fantasie-Impromtu Op.66
Chopin, Fantasie Op.49
Chopin, Polonaise Op.53
Chopin, Grande Polonaise Brillante Op.22

Rcorded Upcoming CDs
Volume 4::
Liszt, Hungarian Rhapsody No.12
Liszt, Gnomenreigen
Liszt, Waldesrauschen
Liszt, Mephisto Valse
Liszt, Mazeppa
Liszt, Feux Follets
Liszt, Sonata B minor

Volume 5::
Brahms, Sonate No.3
Chopin, Etude Op.25,No.11
Chopin-Liszt, Maja pieszcotha Op.74,No.12
Chopin, Sonate Op.58,No.3

Volume 6::
V-Lobos, Impressoes Seresteiros
V-Lobos, Dance
Scriabin, Sonate No.5,Op.53
Prokofiev, Toccata Op.11
Khachaturian, Toccata
Moszkowsky, Etincelles
Messiaen, Parlui
Bartok, Sonate 1st mvt.
Bartok, Sonate 2nd mvt.
Bartok, Sonate 3rd mvt.
Setrakian, Sonate Fantastique 1st mvt.
Setrakian, Sonate Fantastique 2nd mvt.
Setrakian, Sonate Fantastique 3rd mvt.
Harutunian-Babajanian, Armenian Rhapsodie for two Pianos

Volume 7::
Clementi, Sonate Op.25, No.5, 1st mvt.
Clementi, Sonate Op.25, No.5, 2nd mvt.
Clementi, Sonate Op.25No.5, 3rd mvt.
Chopin, Prelude Op.45
Scriabin, Nocturne Op.9,No.2 for Left Hand
Wagner-Tausig, Ride of the Valkries
Ravel, Ondine
Liszt, Hungarian Rhapsody No.15

Volume 8
Chopin, Polonaise-Fantasie Op.61
Scriabin, Sonate No.5, Op.53
Liszt, Leggierezza
Messiaen, Regards de L’esprit de joie
Chopin, Allegro de concert Op.46
Rachmaninov, Sonate No.2, Op.36

Volume 9::
Chopin, Sonate Op.58, No.3
Liszt, Soinata B minor
Brahms, Sonate Np.1, Op.1

Volume 10:: Organ works
Bach, Trio Sonata BWV 525, I Allegro
Bach, Trio Sonata BWV 525, II Andante
Bach, Trio Sonata BWV 525, III Allegro
Bach, Trio Sonata BWV 526, I Vivace
Bach, Trio Sonata BWV 526, II Largo
Bach, Trio Sonata BWV 526, III Allegro
Bach, Toccata and Fugue in B, BWV 566
Bach, Prelude and Fugue in B BWV 544
Gigout, Toccata in B minor
Widor, Toccata from Symphony D minor No.5

Volume 11::
Haydn, Sonate No.34, 1st mvt.
Haydn, Sonate No.34, 2nd mvt.
Haydn, Sonate No.34, 3rd mvt.
Mozart, Sonate K 457
Schubert, Sonate No.8, D568
Beethoven, Sonate No.8, Op.13

Volume 12:: Piano
Bach, Italian Concerto BWV 971, I
Bach, Italian Concerto BWV 971, II
Bach, Italian Concerto BWV 971, III
Bach-Liszt, Prelude and Fugue BWV 543
Bach-Liszt, Prelude and Fugue BWV 544
Bach-Liszt, Prelude and Fugue BWV 545
Bach-Liszt, Prelude and Fugue BWV 546
Bach-Liszt, Prelude and Fugue BWV 547
Bach-Liszt, Prelude and Fugue BWV 548
Bach, Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue BWV 903, Fantasia
Bach, Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue BWV 903, Fugue


Feeling a bit camera shy


Mr. Setrak Setrakian is a rare and recent discovery because he has spent his life pursuing his career in the Middle East. He has an extensive background of over 400 compositions of various forms along with a wealth of education and experience in pursing his career in music. Mr. Setrakian has performed many concerts throughout the Middle East including Aleppo, Syria 1958, Damascus, Syria 1963, Beirut, Lebanon 1962, Jerusalem, 1964, Yerevan, Armenia 1971, Moscow, Russia 1972, Beirut, Lebanon 1986, 1989, 1994.

Mr. Setrakian showed his talent for music almost as soon as he learned to walk. He slept on the floor with seven brothers and sisters and his parents in a one room apartment in Aleppo, Syria where his father worked as a car driver for the French Army. His family was very, very poor and there were not enough beds. When he was two years old, Mr. Setrakian would sing melodies and his fingers would move as though he were playing the piano.

When he was four years old, Mr. Setrakian’s parents sent him to school. Whenever he was in the classroom, he would sit next to the piano. One day his professor asked him why he always sat next to the piano. Mr. Setrakian responded that he liked to listen to music. During this time, also, Mr. Setrakian would make up and sing melodies to the chagrin of his professors. They would ask him how he did this. He showed an incredible amount of talent at a very young age.

Many times, Mr. Setrakian would ask his parents if he would study piano, but his family could not afford such a luxury so he was told that he could not do it. In 1950, Mr. Setrakian secretly went to the Arnest Chouha Music College in Aleppo, Syria and asked them to give him some piano lessons. Upon giving him some music examinations, they accepted him into their college with a great deal of pleasure.

Mr. Setrakian’s professor, Mr. Ernest Chouha told him that he was an amazingly fast learner. He practiced his lessons in college with a great deal of interest and tenacity. The college never took any money from Mr. Setrakian for his lessons. They told him he played piano like a professor and they discovered that he could compose music on the piano without writing on paper. He could compose directly on the piano and could play classical music at the same time, while improvising. His professor told him that he had an ABSOLUTE EAR 100%.

For ten years, Mr. Setrakian studied at this music college for free because of his fantastic talent. He studied from 1950 until 1960 the piano, solfege, theory, harmony and polyphony with an exceedingly high degree and gave many concerts in Aleppo with students. Mr. Setrakian graduated from the Arnest Chouha Music College in Aleppo, Syria.

For 12 years, Mr. Setrakian served as the Director of the Ganatchian Music College in Beirut, Lebanon, from 1987 until 1999. He is also a member of the CPCC.

Mr. Setrakian’s rare and unique talent will most certainly be absorbed quite readily by music lovers of all ages due to his originality, pristine skill and talent along with his strong will to succeed.

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