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Set the Score

Kissimmee, Florida, United States

Kissimmee, Florida, United States
Band Pop Alternative




"Set the Score is the Pop/punk band hitting the scene out of Kissimmee, Fl."

Set the Score is the Pop/punk band hitting the scene out of Kissimmee, Fl.

"Hey its Josh, i play guitar and do vocals." "I'm hugo i play lead Cam and I play bass and we're in set the score!"

You guy's are pretty young to have such a passion for what you're doing, how long have all of you been playing together?

(josh) "We're are very passionate about what we do, we may be young but this is definitely what we love to do. We've been playing together for about a year, but we started Set the Score pretty recently."

Now 'Set The Score' where did that derive from, Is there a meaning behind it?

(josh) "Set The Score came from hours of no sleep and an endless amount of messages between each other ha ha. We really wanted a name that described what we were about and its pretty much about how we try to set the score for music, we want to really impress people with what we do considering we are pretty young. We may be young but we definitely pack a punch ha ha"

How do all of you balance performing and practice with school?

(hugo) "school is a major priority so we start of with any work for school, and once we finish, that's when we head for 2 to 3 hour practices"

(josh) "yeah we work hard so that we can work harder for our fans ha ha!"

Do you have a favorite place/venue that the band has gotten to perform at? And where is your fantasy venue that you would want STS to one day perform at?

(josh) "I'd say so far our favorite place we've played it is BackBooth in Orlando. It was a really great show for us, being able to get out there and play with some great bands. I would say though we hope to play at the House of Blues one day, its just one of those iconic venues. Every band plays there, and we've seen so many of our favorite bands play there. It would be great."

If you guy's could open for any touring band right now who would it be?

(josh) "i would say All Time Low or Blink 182"

(cam) "big time rush haha"

#1 song on your playlist right now?

(josh) "Girls do what they want by The Maine"

(cam) "The enemy by anthrax"

(hugo) "Life is just a fantasy, one of the songs off of our ep haha"

What is your long term goal for 'Set The Score' and what can we expect from STS in the near future?

(josh) "Touring the world is our long time goal, making music for everyone to hear, and just enjoying the world as people enjoy Set The Score. I'd say you can expect a lot of big things from us, because we have big plans for Set The Score!"

If you had to convince a crowd of your peers to come check out a STS performance for the first time what would you say?

(josh) "I would say, theres probably tons of things you can do, but only one involves us and some great music! and we wont disappoint you, we can assure that"

(hugo) "you wont regret it, come and enjoy one awesome show"

Finally this question seems to always be a favorite, must-have... Candy?

(josh) "I love anything willy wonka"

(hugo) "swedish fish" - Hear that Tune Music

"Set the Score"

December 19, 2011
Kat Coffin - Orlando Local Music Examiner

“We bring a lot of different styles and sounds to our genre,” said local musician Josh Saldate, guitar and vocals in Orlando band Set The Score. “We try not to be repetitive with our sound.”

The band members bring a varied background of musical influences to the Pop/Punk/Alternative band. Josh Saldate cites influences from the Temptations, Blink 182, to Freddy Mercury, while bassist Cameron Saldate cites Geezer Butler, Frank Bello, and Beck Hansen as influences. Drummer Kevin Martinez mines different areas for his influences listing Mark O’Connell, Travis Barker, and Animal from the Muppets. Guitarist Hugo Santini reaches back to classic artists as influences with Chuck Berry, The Kinks, Slash, George Harrison, and BB King on his list.

Joshua Saldate and Hugo Santini write the majority of the band’s songs. Saldate’s inspiration is “Relationships, experiences. I like to tell stories.” Santini’s inspiration is more global, “What I see around the world.”

The band members look forward to experiencing more live shows with their fans. Hugo and Cameron both hope fans are inspired by their music, while Josh hopes they have “A fun time.” Kevin wants them to have “A great time, and a story to tell.”

The internet plays a pivotal role in the band’s future. Josh “It’s very important, it allows people to listen to us and find out about us.” Hugo said, “It helps spread the word with social networking.” Cameron said “This is the best way to communicate with our fans,” and Kevin takes it a little farther “It’s a good way to get feedback from out fans.”

Set The Score has recently released their first single, “Life Is Just A Fantasy” which music fans can hear on their Facebook page. The local Orlando band also has a channel set up on You Tube, where fans can view a video from their recent show at the BackBooth. Fans can also follow the band on Twitter, as well as individual members Josh Saldate, Kevin Martinez, and Hugo Santini.

- Orlando Local Music Examiner


"Life is Just a Fantasy", single
"Love Hate Thing", EP



At only 16, lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist Joshua Saldate put his plan in motion for his musical future, Set the Score. New to the Central Florida area, he turned to Craigslist to help him find the perfect fit to his vision. There he found drummer Kevin Martinez. His brother Cameron filled out the band playing Bass, while Bailey Blankenship and Brandon Stark fill in the sound with guitar.

The five band members have combined their varied musical influences into the unique Alternative/Pop/Punk sound that is Set The Score. Joshua and Cameron reach decades back into music with influences from The Temptations to Black Sabbath, while Kevin influences ranging from The Kinks to Blink 182. Baily and Brandon finish off with their influences from Tiny Tim to Hank Williams Jr.

Although young, all five musicians have put years into mastering their instruments and developing their craft.

This tight four piece band is relatively new to the Central Florida music scene, but is quickly picking up steam. Their first song released, Life is Just a Fantasy, was part of their first EP, Love Hate Thing.