Easton, Pennsylvania, USA

Settle is an edgy dance rock band that has uniquely combined styles associated with pop punk and the beats of 70's disco. A sound that is similar to groups such as the Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, Hot Hot Heat and Blur.


Settle - four extremely talented individuals from Pennsylvania who play indie rock, have great personal style and even better record collections – have signed with Epitaph Records. The band is currently recording with Adam Lasus, best known for his work with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Yo La Tengo. Mixing is being supplied by Producer/Engineer Ken Andrews best known for working with Blink182, Beck, Jimmy Eat World, Pete Yorn and many more...

Versatile and prolific, the band’s favorites range from the Liars to Questlove, though the fellas say they are influenced more by the news, video games and Facebook than anything else. They have penned nearly 100 songs and sold 20,000 copies collectively of two self-released EPs. And while the songs range from soulful laments to skillfully crafted pop to ironic indie rock, the common thread running through the music is that Settle writes unbelievably catchy songs.

Hailing from the wintry wilds of eastern PA, brothers Nick and Willie Rose (vox/guitars and drums respectively) formed Settle in 2001. The usual turmoil ensued as members came and went until the band finally solidified with the addition of Dave Goletz (guitar) a few years later and most recently Chris Burcin (bass).

In 2007, the band won an MTV-sponsored contest, "Best Music on Campus." Trading their anoraks for flip flops, Settle performed at MTV’s Spring Break extravaganza in Cancun Mexico. While the bikini-clad girls and muscle-bound guys might not have been Settle’s usual crowd, who tend more towards New Balance and vintage tees, the contest served to pair the band with Epitaph, and, more importantly, #1 fan and label president Brett Gurewitz.

"Settle has everything I admire in a great band: poetry, tunefulness, originality and vision, all pursued recklessly, as if the whole thing might fall apart at any second…and you can dance to it," says Gurewitz.

Look for Settle’s debut full-length titled "At Home we Are Tourists" on Epitaph (scheduled release: May 19th, 2009.

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MTVU SPRING BREAK 2007 - View Settle's MTVU documentary and performance in Cancun Mexico on the video page.




I Saw An Inferno Once
Copyright 2006 All Rights Reserved. SETTLEMUSIC

(It’s all upstairs)
In the hideaway
In the closet

Where you keep your clothes
Where you hide your gun
You’ve go no bullets
But pull the trigger for fun

Your city’s sleeping
Your city’s sleeping
Underneath the blankets
You’re still screaming

So keep it in
Hold it tight
You should let go
Of all that you’ve been thinking

It’s time you realize, or throw it all away
It’s all a charade
It isn’t worth it anyway
So tell you’re friends that you’ll see them soon
If you see what everyone sees
Whatever they say you are, that’s what you’ll be

Your mind is pacing
Fist clenched
Your tired fingers are searching
Searching again

It makes sense
You’ve seen this before
In your room at night
Behind a locked door

This is not the bitter end
This is not the bitter end
This tragic story’s final draft
Will not be handed in

So spin the record
One more time
And watch it go
Round and round again


SETTLE - "At Home We Are Tourists" on Epitaph Records released on 5.19.2009

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Settle will release their smart, attention-grabbing debut At Home We Are Tourists on May 19th via Epitaph Records. Produced by Adam Lasus (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Army Navy, Yo La Tengo) and mixed by Ken Andrews (Jimmy Eat World, Pete Yorn, BRMC), the Easton PA quartet's first full-length album is a pop dreamscape that deftly combines indie and dance rock that is alternately ironic and biting and deeply emotional and deliberative.

Citing influences from Elvis Costello to the Liars and inspiration from art to social networking sites, Settle's At Home We Are Tourists illustrates both the outlandish collection of pop culture that moves the band and an unusual ability to craft a remarkably accomplished first record.Five years of writing, revising and discarding allowed the band to amass 12 songs that range from fuzzed-out rockers to indie gems to synth-driven fetes that flow seamlessly one into the other to form a perfectly cohesive whole.

Standout tracks like the evoc