Easton, Pennsylvania, USA

Settle enjoys things. Sometimes stuff. Mostly Noise...


Settle is a Pennsylvania-based indie-rock band started by brothers Nick and Willie Rose in 2001, with Christopher Burcin joining in 2007. The band released two EP’s (the "Pink" EP in 05, and the "White" EP in 06) and toured regionally before releasing their first proper full length, "At Home We Are Tourists" (Epitaph Records) in 2009. The band is currently busy at work on material for their sophomore LP, which covers a broad range of sounds and influences.

Settle signed with Epitaph Records back in 2008 and has recorded with Adam Lasus, best known for his work with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Yo La Tengo. Versatile and prolific, they have penned over 100 songs and sold 20,000 copies collectively of two self-released EPs. While the songs range from soulful laments to skillfully crafted pop to ironic indie-rock, the common thread running through the music is that Settle writes unbelievably catchy songs.

In 2007, the band won an MTV-sponsored contest, "Best Music on Campus." Trading their anoraks for flip flops, Settle performed at MTV’s Spring Break extravaganza in Cancun Mexico. While the bikini-clad girls and muscle-bound guys might not have been Settle’s usual crowd, who tend more towards New Balance and vintage tees, the contest served to pair the band with Epitaph, and, more importantly, #1 fan and label president Brett Gurewitz.

"Settle has everything I admire in a great band: poetry, tunefulness, originality and vision, all pursued recklessly, as if the whole thing might fall apart at any second…and you can dance to it," says Gurewitz.



"Pink" EP - 2005
"White" EP - 2006
"At Home We Are Tourists" LP - 2009