Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA

Settler and their music encompass the idea of living life and having fun. Music is the soundtrack to everyone's life and we aim to create music that not only makes people happy, but allows them to interpret it the way they want.


Evolving from the same sludge that has pumped out countless D.I.Y. low-fi and shoegaze bands comes Settler, a not so typical four piece from Massachusetts. Like the soundtrack to your favorite pop album, Settler favors catchy hooks and zealous build ups to produce a fun, yet serious atmosphere, guaranteed to steal the hearts of audiences over a variety of genres. With their newest release, War Wolves, Settler presents a tangible representation of a dream that has been waiting for over two years in a musty attic to be let out. With years of experience already under their belts, the members of Settler hope to push War Wolves with the same energy that has been sustaining them since their creation. Armed with a raucous live performance, Settler’s energetic disposition promises to do everything but letdown. Homegrown and comfortable, Settler’s sound and persona proves that music does not need to be overtly professional to be promising, just fun; and fun is what Settler is all about.


Young Gods (2 song demo, released Fall of 09)
War Wolves (6 Song EP, released June 5, 2010)
American Tids (2 song demo, released July 13, 2010)
Untitled Full Length (due out Winter 10)

Set List

Peace Tigers
War Wolves
Spare Rooms
American Tides
Oxbow Bridge