Seu Luiz Paixao

Seu Luiz Paixao


Forro and Cavalo Marinho: Rooty sounds from Pernambuco by the living legend of Brazilian fiddle, the "Rabeca". Seu Luiz was Mestre Ambrosio, Renata Rosa and Siba's music master, also a symbol from the sugarcane worker's celebrations.


With Seu Luiz Paixao, Outro Brasil continues to unearth the authentic culture of the Nordeste, a mission it began with Mestre Ambrosio. The agency pays homage to one of its masters who has indisputably contributed to the work of Renata Rosa and Siba: Seu Luiz Paixao.

Seu Luiz worked as a sugarcane cutter since the age of 8. When still very young, his uncle taught him to play the rabeca, a small violin used for traditional street music. He would become one of the region’s most sought-after rabequeiros, generally playing in the cavalo-marinho (street theatre) and in forro dances. He was Siba and Renata Rosa’s rabeca teacher, playing with the latter for six years now.

At the age of 56 he recorded his first album, made up of compositions of cavalo-marinho and forro full of the atmosphere of the “Zona da Mata Norte”: the fields, the dust and the sugarcane alcohol, but also the dance and joy that make even the hardest labours bearable.

It is in the Zona da Mata Norte in inland Recife that the sugarcane industry is still based today. A veritable breeding ground for traditions and folklore equal to the hardships of its inhabitants’ lives, the Zona da Mata Norte is a fascinating world in which Seu Luiz Paixao is one of the last masters living.

Based in everyday life and a good dose of acting (brincadeira), Seu Luiz Paixao’s work has all the allure of authenticity and imperfection that are sure to charm us.

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Festival d'Ile de France 2005
On stage with Renata Rosa
At home in Pernambuco


Pimenta com Pitu (Outro Brasil 2005)