Seven Car Pile Up
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Seven Car Pile Up

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we have a self titled 5 song demo out
2 singles being played on local station98x:
"The Heart That Bleeds" & "Without You"
the demo can be heard on our "my space page"
you can purchase the mp3's on



"Seven Car Pile Up" is an amalgamation of a couple of bands. Just like every good mix you have to put in new things and take away old, until you get the prescribed results. Easy, Dave, and Chris started playing in the band "Staminuh". The music was great and the talent was there, but when 3 young guys start giging and partying the music eventually suffers. So it was with us,and a lot of other young bands. The good times become more important than the real job at hand. That was the demise of that line up. Dave and Easy picked up Skip and a new bass player to keep staminuh playing. Chris went on to play in three other bands. After joining the band "Fractured" Chris found himself in another band that half the members left. Needing a drummer he called on his old friend Dave to take the position. Easy kept on writting and playing, and Skip continued to practice.
After some internal problems, Dave and Chris left "Fractured" and found themselves not playing and just looking at each other in the practice space.
Dave decided to call up Easy and the three of them got together to jam and see where things went.
After about the third song they jammed, they knew
this was the band they were comming back to. We quickly brought Skip in for backup, made some tweeks and improvements to our music--"Seven Car Pile Up" was born!
We are all rock & roll to the soul, but we come from some different musical backgrounds, and it comes out in the music. Mixed in to our rock you can find traces of some southern, dare I say country rock. We've got some metal and, some funk mixed in there as well. You never know whether you'll hear a motown bass run, or a Metallica'esk set of chords. Hell, Motzart has even been known to show up in there. Our music is very open-minded, and all about having a good time, telling some stories, and drinking some beer.
The bands individual bios are as follows:
Brad "easy" Eason
I started playing guitar in 1980. Loving all generas of music, I have always had an attraction
to rock in all it's forms. Since I started playing, I have played all over the East coast, including hot spots in N.C., S.C., Va., and Ct.
My many influences include; Metallica, 3 Doors Down, 3 Days Grace, Ozzy, Lynard Skynard, and much,much more.
David Bland
I started playing the drums when I was 16.
I was using hand drums then, but quickly progressed to the set. I have been the drummer for the bands Staminuh, and Fractured. My influences range from Zepplin, and Floyd to Slayer, Mudd Vayne, and Slip Knot.
I really dig Ian Page from the Chilli Peppers, he's got a great style, and timming. It's always good to be able to switch things up and keep them fresh. Try new styles, and rhythms... evolve... like the Chlli Peppers back line have.
I play with Vic Firth, and Pro Mark sticks- Tama drums, and Remo heads
Chris Bradshaw
I came from a very musical house hold. Not everyone played an instrument, but music was always on at those crazy, unforgettable moments.
My parents played rock albums till dawn(it was the 70's), and I don't remember a time when my old man wasn't playing Beatles tunes on his acoustic.
I started playing trumpet in the school band(summer of 5th grade). A buddy of mine had bought a bass, and was taking lessons. He was real good , and when I heard that sound through an amp, I knew that was the instrument i wanted to play. I stole my first bass from the high school instrument room, and never looked back.
I have a wide range of influences; Motown- the funk bros. were everything. Cliff Burton- what would Metallica be if he never died. Victor Wooten- the master of everything bass. Flea- what more needs to be said. I try to put a piece of all these masters, and a few more in my style , and technique.
Skip Wood
Comming from a very musical family,I,ve been interested in music all my life. Everyone in my family seems to play an insrument, so naturally I started playing with the guitar at age 12. I gave it up though to try other young ventures. Eventually I came back to the guitar, around 21. I've been jamming ever since.
My influences range from rock to country, and somewhere in between.a few notable that have made an impact on my playing are; Randy Rhodes, Zack Wylde, Matt Tuck, and Andy McKee. A lot of 80's rock has molded my playing as well.
I use Ibanez guitars, and Marshall amplifiers.