Pounding drums, thumping bass, atmospheric guitars & explosive vocals is the make up of SevenCaves sound.


SevenCaves formed in late 2006. After a series of explosive live performances which saw them support signed acts EDITORS, DOGS, MEXICOLAS, CHERUBS, LORRAINE they swiftly built up a hard core following of fans who were yearning out for some music that wasn't played on a telecaster amped through a box of conflakes. SevenCaves are now on their second lease of life and are currently in the studio rehearsing and writing new songs before they hit the road to promote their first single 'I don't wanna know' through Diffusion Records. Feb 09 see's them playing venues all over the country in a mission to get heard and gain some new ears to the cause. March 09 see's SevenCaves enter the studio to record their debut album which will be released through an independant label later on in 09. Watch this space.


Single 'I.D.W.K' released through Diffusion Records 23rd Feb 2009.

Set List

SevenCaves play a 45 minute set, having just written a brand new set for the tour in Feb, songs included are debut single 1. 'I.D.W.K' 2. 'Apollo 13' 3. '44 (forty four)' 4. 'Lullaby' 5. 'China Drum' 6. 'You're the Sun' 7. 'The Aftershow'