Seven City Story

Seven City Story


A furious roulette of five young guys putting heart and sole, blood sweat and tears into every note that expels. Breaking down the barriers between band and audience, as the onlookers become part of an experience that all share with their heartfelt music.


Life, love, and everything in between are what influence this five piece from the eastern shore. But perhaps thats too vague? Microwave burritos, mountain dew, and pure dream is what these kids run on. This band has a deep connection with their fans and never lets one slip through the cracks, no matter how many. Every comment or message is returned and every add, followed up on, to cultivate a living, breathing fan base. Started as a solo project of guitarist Rob Mullis, eventually taught each member a set of two songs with vocals written by Charlie Jackson of Aviary Fire. Not long after, Jory Pryor (ex Buried in Vegas) joined, the group began writing original material. The rest is history.

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Overriding Rhyme and Reason

Written By: SevenCityStory

im painting pictures of my life
with markers and pencils and other utensils
but i still dont have it right
but with our name in lights we sing tonight
our light songs to heavy hearts
were nothing but old news and we sing the blues
to compliment the green in your eyes
i got my life packed up in boxes
no more clothes hung up in closets
but despite all we are told
our hearts are not meant to get old
so let me hear you say
with hearts on sleeves we shoot the breeze
and pray to god we dont miss
so sail with me to foreign seas
please just keep breathing a little longer


Demo w/ C. Jackson - 1. The Cause and Solution
2. If you ever thought you knew.
Just Keep Breathing Ep:
1. If you ever thought you knew
2. Asking permission to breathe
3. Overriding rhyme and reason
4. Open mic night at the apollo
5. The cause and solution

music has been featured on 96rock and Q105

Set List

If you ever thought you knew
The cause and solution
Asking permission to breathe
Overriding rhyme and reason
Open mic night at the apollo