Seven Cycle Theory

Seven Cycle Theory


Although their songs are strong enough to stand on their own in any format, synth tracks, samples, and drum loops began as the groundwork of this bands music. Joined with double bass kicks and crashing drums, driving guttural bass, and guitars tuned down to nothing the picture becomes complete.


Seven Cycle Theory is built from four distinct and very different personalities, backgrounds, and life experiences. Each person brings his own perspective, input, and creative agenda to the group. Their songs are written and performed with both negative and positive connotations - but with integrity in either respect. They write about what they feel, the things they see, and how we all have to come to terms with this life we live in these uncertain times.

With a solid history in many different aspects of the music business, this band already knows the ropes from inside to out. One is a professional audio/recording engineer specializing in rock and pop studio recording, live multi-track and location recording, live broadcast mixing, and classical music tracking/mixing/ mastering. He’s engineered on hundreds of album projects for other artists, some of which have been nominated and have won Grammys. Another member has experience at major record labels, as well as smaller independent companies. He’s also a photographic editor, whose visual editing and graphic design abilities almost equal his digital audio skills - which arguably rival those of the best in the industry today. Yet another one of them has an extensive background in big budget touring, stage management, and large-scale live concert production. This member in particular has traveled the country and shared the stage with some of the most prominent entertainers in the world. Their newest addition also works in television promotions—writing, producing, and editing video daily for broadcast. He’s even been awarded an Emmy for his work. But as specialized as they all are, more often than not their skill sets overlap. To some degree they have all been successful in each other’s fields of expertise. All have worked with many different successful producers, recording engineers, tour managers, record label executives, lighting directors, booking agents, artist managers, and FOH and Monitor engineers. In fact, the band members themselves have been successful in many of these same roles. They are all well versed in practically all genres of music as well as the many different facets of the music business. From major-label platinum selling commercial artists to innovative underground music movements these four members have, in their respective areas of expertise, helped make, shape, and forge many of the successful careers of both today and yesterday. Suffice to say, each individual in the group already has more knowledge of the music industry than the combined experience most other bands ever get.

But this isn’t all they have to offer. During these times, they’ve been writing music, honing their skills, and biding their time as they observe the world around them. They’ve been waiting, planning, plotting, and practicing – for a time that’s right to bring their own talents to the surface. That time is now, and Seven Cycle Theory is ready to deliver. With a live show and stage presence that’s unrivaled in its intensity, this band is known for upstaging the acts they’re billed with, even those who are far more popular than themselves. They’ve worked with the best, learned from the best, and have helped make some of your favorite stars who they are. Now, it’s time for you to see what they can do. You won’t be disappointed.



Written By: Edlin/Robinette

Tonight we slumber.
Tonight we cease to wake.
Tonight we suffer,
Tonight we fall into the grave.

Someone is watching,
Someone I left behind.
Someone inside me,
Someone is bringing our demise.

I stand here suffocating,
You hold this bag over my head.
Murder or suicide, I cannot tell
[I do not care].

Saved by asphyxiating,
Killing the voice inside my head.
The only way of ending you,
Ending myself.

Complete the separation
of my body, mind, and soul.
Silence the still small voice
That steals my actions, and all that I know.

There's no compassion
In my sense of deprivation
And I'm lost in my own self-hatred.


The time has come for me to do
The only thing left to do
-That's rid myself of you.


Written By: Words and music by Kevin Edlin and Richard Robinette

Victim man with your hand stretched before me.
Blame the system you play so well.
Asking me to extend you some charity,
Blame the gods, blame someone else.

Victim man come and cry about your poverty.
Tell me all the ways I sould feel ashamed.
As if I went and won the fucking lottery,
And didn't earn my rightful place.

Take it back.
You mean nothing to me.
Can't you see the way?
Looking back,
Your days are gone and wasted.
Can't you see the way you stay disgraced today?

What a way to be
Just a professional victim.
Come and I'll count the ways that my heart bleeds for you.
Cry about your life,
Cry about your loss,
Cry and tell me all the ways life's not fair and how you're getting screwed.
Every hour that you wasted,
Every day you said you didn't give a damn comes back to you.
It comes back around.
It gives you back what you built inside.

Victim man claiming that I stole your freedom.
Piss and moan and bitch as if I'm keeping you down.
Your sloth's the problem,
Your caste is just the symptom.
You chose not to put in so you're getting nothing out.

Over It

Written By: Dargan/Edlin/Robinette

Blank stares and breaking glass,
Fill my senses once again.
Filth fetish, melted mirror,
Bleak outlook, harsh indwelling.

My canvas has been spattered,
With bits of black and blue.
Most of them remind me
Of the time I spent with you.

I’ve got to get over it.
I thought I was over it.

Now I’m picking up the scraps you left.
They sting my hands like failure,
And they taste like bitterness.


Agonist 2007

Set List

Typically 10 songs, 30-45 minutes, with an occasional cover or instrumental instrumental