Seven Dirty Words
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Seven Dirty Words

Huntington Beach, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF

Huntington Beach, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Rock Punk


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"Seven Dirty Words: Hard Boiled and Dirty"

In the town of finicky critics and diluted metal, Seven Dirty Words refuses to let these obstacles stand in their way of being true to themselves and their music. The band began when Nathan and Brian came together from other projects, deciding they were bored with the “watered down fake bands and wannabe rock stars” of the current generation. They desperately “needed to do their own thing” to add some original elements to the mix. Silvio and Joel were soon to join the project, creating a group with incredibly diverse geographical backgrounds. Brian came from the east coast (Philly to be exact), Nathan from Ventura, Joel from Santa Ana, and Silvio all the way from Italy.
Despite being brought up in entirely different worlds of rock cultures, the four seem to have the same major influences in their music including Peter Pan Speedrock, Supersuckers, and Iron Maiden. All of these influences are fused together to create the hard hitting, ear drum pounding, in your face rock that you hear today. While some may consider them to be pioneers of southern California metal, they humbly stated that they are “not reinventing the wheel, just trying to bring back the rock.” A feat that proves to be incredibly difficult in today’s society of Britney Spears and American Idol contestants topping off the charts. True metal seems to have faded off years ago and it is refreshing to find musicians that are fighting for it to come back, ignoring all of the hurdles that get in their way. “I’m proud as hell of our songs and what we’ve accomplished so far,” Nathan proudly admitted, speaking of what he feels this project has done for the current metal scene. “We do it for ourselves. If we can get a paycheck out of it: Bonus. But we’re going to do it either way.”
The band proves this is true by remaining constantly on the move. While mainly touring locally, they also frequent Vegas and Philly, hold onto a dream to someday tour Europe, and admit that they prefer to play outside of Orange County. While it is a difficult economy and they find it hard to get people to shows at times, they have also noticed the ease in packing houses in locations such as Vegas, where hard and heavy music is more appreciated. “We play loud enough that your balls jiggle,” Brian described. Despite the rocky local support, they do not let it hinder their appreciation for their fans. They say that “one good show makes up for all the BS that you put up with” and that “even one person complimenting you at a shitty show makes it worth it.” Joel jokingly added his thoughts on what he hopes their shows make the crowd feel, “If you’re a dude, go out, get a muscle car, drive fast, have sex. If you’re a chick, have sex with me.”
Their appreciation for each other also shone through during our interview. “I couldn’t ask for a better three guys to play with and road travel with cause they’re all cool as hell,” Nathan stated, “I would rather play with these three dudes cause they’re cool, than some assholes that are making money that I can’t stand to be around.” They all value each other’s diverse backgrounds and even admit that Silvio is “better than the band” and that he “shreds with melody and story.” Brian brings his love for country music to the table in regards to lyrics and song structuring and they give him kudos for becoming the singer, as he had never done it before in his previous projects. They refer to Joel as having an “old soul” and being “born in the wrong era” with his musical influences being “stuck in the garage days.” And with a history in art, he is also the one in charge of all of the artwork for the band, which is esteemed by all. The band truly is a family, appreciative of everything that each other offers, and sticking true to the common goal of “reformatting the sissy rock of their musical competitors.”
Currently dealing with challenges in areas such as promotion, connections, show lineups, and salesmanship, the band is working hard towards a better tomorrow. They are currently in search of a like-minded agent and manager, and they have a goal of releasing a full length album by the end of the year. They hope that they can get the message across to “support music in general,” “be as diverse as possible,” and to “listen to music for what it is.” They are very passionate about their vision and their enthusiasm about society rediscovering metal will aid them in succeeding in a long musical career of “revolutionizing rock in an age where watered down music prevails and hard working bands never seem to get the credit that they deserve.”

Michelle Richardson
- OC Music Magazine

"CD Reviews : Seven Dirty Words - Hard Boiled & Dirty"

"Watch the news lately and the talking heads on TV will have you believe Americans are not good at much anymore expect maybe making mega huge corporations bigger, inventing new ways to deep fry all kinds of shit,and making stars of people we wouldn't want living next door to us. I happen to believe different. A good example of one American product not yet owned by Chinese investment bankers is pure, guitar driven, beer soaked, wet-shirt contest winner Rock N Roll. Seven Dirty Words - Nate, (Drums), Silvio, (Lead Guitar) Joel, (Rhythm Guitar) and Brian (Lead Vox and Bass, Ex Los Griswolds) are at the forefront of this great American movement which has been steadily gaining steam since punk discovered or admitted they really liked rippin solos, songs about fucking and fast cars." - Global Punk Review

"Seven Dirty Words Hard Boiled and Dirty"

Have I written about this record already? Dunno. It's been here awhile, but I will not allow more time to sluice by without mentioning 'em. So-Cal speed-rockers with grit, venom, and a penchant for greasy, bleed-along, head-stomping choruses, Seven Dirty Words are like The Hookers with a Judas Priest fetish. Hard Boiled, their debut, is brief but suitably devastating, a fuck-and-run assault of hard-charging, redneck blast-rock anchored by the fairly incredible (I'm Your) Motherfucker, a triple speed throttling of Motorhead proportions, and Outta My Head, a cowbell-banging ode to losing your mind at just the right moment. Fast, fucked, and furious stuff. Even if you were born with a vagina, you'll still end up with a pair of thick, hairy balls after hearing this record. - Slezegrinder

" seven dirty words-hard boiled & dirty Category: Music"

When they say dirty in their name they sure do mean dirty with this 7 song e.p. about fact cars,women and well FAST CARS!!,this band brands a psychobilly twist on things with fused southern punk rock fit for lemme of motorhead fame,so if you like your cars fast and music even faster take it up with the seven dirty words and their e.p. hard boiled & dirty cause they're filthy rich in punk rock from the south although they reside from caliFORNIA you would never be able to tell. - Punk Rock, Hardcore and Ska Music Resource n Review

"Seven Dirty Words-Hard Boiled and Dirty"

If you stick Clint Eastwood's "Dirty Harry" Callahan on your cover then you really need to back it up with something equally rough and mean. Southern California's Seven Dirty Words have only been around since 2006, but they obviously know what they are doing and waste little time on this seven song EP. This is stripped down speed rock of the variety that gets your blood pumping and has your head spinning. Inspired by the likes of Motorhead and the Supersuckers, Seven Dirty Words charge head over heels into every short, but spirited song on this disc. They sure are not re-inventing the wheel here. Still they are reaching down and pulling out the kind of gritty, heavy music that everyone needs at least on occasion. There are not all that many pace changes as they just seem to be stuck in "go" mode for almost the entire time. They storm through the songs with their adrenaline pumping and their guitars squealing. The production left enough fuzz on the sound so that really fits in nicely with their approach. I did find myself hoping for some difference in pace towards the end of the disc, but that never really happened. Not an album I could listen to all the time, but certainly a searing blast of nerve rattling tunes. - Live 4 Metal


Seven Dirty Words EP (Rel.2007)
Hard Boiled & Dirty EP (Rel. 8/2008)
Blood Highway (Rel. 12/2012)



Sometime in the late 2000’s Brian (vocals/bass) and Nathan (drums) started kicking around ideas to start a new band that would play fast, dirty, hard edged rock n’ roll songs with a punk/metal/hard rock influence.  Next came the idea for a name. Something “dirty” to complement the sleazy, sludgy rock they wanted to play.  After contemplating a few different names it then became obvious. What about naming the band after the great George Carlin bit on the “Seven Dirty Words” you can’t say on radio.  The name seemed to fit so away they went working on material. 

The band spawned as a 3-piece and in true DYI fashion, recorded their first self-titled demo partly in a garage with the vocals tracked in the back of a Suburban.  After releasing the demo EP the group started performing all around the Southern California area.  They eventually decided to switch it up as a 4-piece with the addition of El Rey on guitar and went on to record their next EP “Hard Boiled and Dirty” followed by their first full-length “Blood Highway” LP (released on Loaded Bomb Records).  During this time they would go and perform many of the finer and not so finer establishments of the Western US as well as an East coast stint sharing the stage with such acts as Supersuckers, Throw Rag, Zeke and Nashville Pussy.  After some personnel changes the band was joined by Rodney Peralta on drums and subsequently went back to a 3-man lineup.  At this time the material that they were working on was released on the “Cheapshot” EP which saw one of their songs licensed by Monster Energy for use in a live event.  This was then followed up with the next full length LP “Along for the Ride” (produced and recorded by engineer extraordinaire Derek Philips).