Seven Envy

Seven Envy


Seven Envy mixes the energy of modern alternative with the stylings of standard rock and a hint of punk. Rock, rinse, and repeat.


The machine is moving, the wheels are turning and the gears are spinning. It is taking on a life of it's own, Seven Envy is happening, constantly gaining momentum. The band is barely a year old but already staking claim in some of Atlanta's best rock venues, holding their own in the thick of the city's rock scene. With ever-increasing crowds and high energy songs, Seven Envy lives to play live. Their whirlwind sound successfully maintains an up-tempo commercial radio appeal while staying true to their rock roots. They are currently branching out, landing shows in new markets, spreading their sound outside the Atlanta area. Several opening slots with national acts and a recent week long appearance on Atlanta radio station Project 961 have only added to their success.

The debut EP "The Bitter Pill" (produced and recorded by Daniel Maldonado Collins) is a collection of songs revolving around similar themes. "The Bitter Pill is about the hard lessons of life that sometimes are only learned through personal experience. Sometimes, no matter how much you are warned, you just don't listen until it's too late" says singer Bobby Juarez.

Be one of The Envious. Listen and learn.


The Bitter Pill (2007) - 5 song EP

The Bitter Pill single (2007) - Included on Pig Pen Studios Compilation #3.

Fear (2007) - Included on Skater Rock Compilation Volume 1/2

Single - Submergence (2005) (under the name Like Crashing Through Trees): Submergence made it to #35 on, as well as being voted the song of the day in July of 2005.

Set List

Typically sets are 45 minutes long.

The Bitter Pill
Wake Up
Who Will Care Now
Drop Kick

Typically songs from bands of similar genres. Incubus, Muse, etc.