Total mind boggling dogs and cats living chaos. You won't look away


born in late 2005, seveneves entered the world with the intent of total domination. they have a mindset of brutality with the songs and attitude to back it up. the fierce riffing from the double buzzsaw guitar onslaught of brian august and mike lepore, the crushing groove heavy low end and rhythm of jay cook on bass and brian kane on drums, complimented by matthew harringtons aggressive and soulful approach to the lead vocals make seveneves a dangerous combination of raw agression and calculated risk. unwilling to move aside these mighty sons of metal are a juggenaut ready to consume all who stand in the way of victory. beware, there's no where to run or hide and no one is safe...seveneves are coming for you!


We are in the process of recording our first full length release but we have released a demo called Distress Signal! 4 tracks or mind blowing fury! Free at our shows....but you gotta come to get one.

Set List

We generally play for a half hour when opening but play for 45 min to an hour when headlining...we do a 10 to 11 song set of originals switching them up and then throw in a few covers of bands ranging from Black Sabbath, the Misfits, Kyuss, the Ramones, Sepultura (early stuff) to god knows what else we will play!