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"Debut EP"

The jamming, jangling opening track “Face In A Crowd” has the lyrical thrust of The Doors’ “People Are Strange,” contemplating the oddness that the people who can make the biggest difference in our world can walk by us anonymously while we pay attention only to the beautiful ones. “Chase the Past Away” is about moving forward, getting out of the house and living life to the fullest (celebrate, but don’t get too crazy with joy!), while the searing yet heartfelt “Always” is the closest 7MR comes to a love ballad.

- Rainmaker


The first track on this EP is "Face in the Crowd" and the song itself is a perfect introduction to the music tour de force that is Seven Mile Ride. This is due to the fact that the band is hitting on all cylinders, creating a brand of rock that is unique will still playing on some of the genre's best known acts. The strong vocals present during this introductory track will ensure that the compositions on this EP will stick with listeners well after the final track, "Chase the Past Away" finishes up. The disc's second track, "At Home", blends together equal parts Moody Blues and Goo Goo Dolls into a driven bit of rock that will keep toes tapping throughout.

"Always" is a slower track that links together Warren Zevon, Tom Petty and even a little Chris Cornell into a bit of alt-rock that would easily make it onto any college rock station that this EP finds itself at. Instead of merely doing a track in that format, Seven Mile Ride place the bar higher with a sizzling guitar solo that would prove difficult to even the most storied guitar virtuosos. "Keep To Myself" fits in well to the alternative rock style first broached during "Always", but is more compelling than any other track on this EP as it skillfully and deftly blends together instrumental and vocal elements to make something that will challenge listeners' assumptions about the band and about rock music generally. This style continues through the Wall of Voodoo-influenced penultimate track, "Silver Lining", and dissipates by the time that the disc's final track, "Chase The Past Away", plays. "Chase The Past Away" is a straightforward rock track that places Seven Mile Ride at a crossroads that ensures that they could take a countless number of directions for subsequent releases.

I left this self-titled CD in my car for weeks after the initial listen, and I sit here eagerly waiting for the next bit of news - whether it be live dates or an upcoming full length album - to be issued from Seven Mile Ride's headquarters. If you like rock music that never is afraid to take on different genres, styles, or approaches, this eight-track release should be the next thing that you pick up.

by James Dec 11, 2008 - NeuFutur


"The overall tone of the record has a very fun, rockish vibe. There are even glimpses of blues, hard rock and southern rock all mixed into this trip known as Seven Mile Ride. Also, the guitar playing is on point with catchy riffs throughout the record. I simply loved what I was hearing from Shemwell ....really had some killer chords and solos. "

Jimmy Rae, Skopemag

- Skopemag

"Wildy's World"

Seven Mile Ride – Seven Mile Ride
2008, Macaca Fuscata Records

Seven Mile Ride comes to us out of the always vibrant Seattle rock scene. Four longtime music veterans comprise Seven Mile Ride. Lead vocalist/guitarist Shane Rushton is joined by Randy Shemwell (Lead guitar); Eric Montgomery (bass/keys) and Steve Humphrey (drums/percussion). Seven Mile Ride has gained a reputation as a dynamic live experience, and the critical and popular buzz continue to build. After spending much of the past year working to record and produce their first album, the self-titled debut, Seven Mile Ride, is finally here. It was worth the wait.

Rushton has an incredibly enjoyable rock voice; the kind you could listen to all day and not tire of. This becomes quickly evident on the opening track, Face In The Crowd. The song is a catchy Americana/Southern Rock hybrid that has real commercial potential across several genres. It’s followed by At Home, a great acoustic rock anthem. At Home is a highly commercial sounding song without sacrificing quality. Always is the sort of song that gets bands noticed. It’s a classic rock style power ballad done in an acoustic arrangement. Out and out the best songwriting on the album. Always hits the ballad notes just right without crossing over into cheese or cliché.

That being said, my favorite song on the disc is Silver Lining. Delicious piano fills and great rock guitar work combine to gird a highly memorable song that could be a hit in both rock and country circles. Also be sure to check out Chase The Past Away and Façade.

Seven Mile Ride has strong commercial potential, not so much because they are tying to be commercial but because they seem to have a knack for crafting well written songs that happen to have mass appeal. Their debut, Seven Mile Ride is eight songs of solid, no-nonsense music that fades the lines between Rock, Americana and Country. This seems to be where Rock N Roll is at its most vibrant these days, and Seven Mile Ride appears to be sitting at the heart of it all. Great disc.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5) - Wildy's World

"Indie Music Stop"

Think quickly: how many CD’s can you leave in the player long after you have listened to it for the first time? Not many, I bet.

Seven Mile Ride is an exception with their debut EP.

Emerging from the Seattle music scene, this four man group spent considerable time on recording and producing their self-titled, debut work, and the hard work has indeed paid off in more ways than one. For those familiar with the band, and even those of us who weren’t until now, it was certainly worth the wait.

The album is a fix of enjoyable rock, such as the opening track, “Face the Crowd,” a blend of Americana and Southern rock. Another good, rock quality song is “At Home,” both well written and performed.

Another not-to-be-missed track is the beautiful ballad “Always.” It is arranged in the classic rock style ballad and performed acoustically, and perhaps the most outstanding songwriting on the entire album.

Also have a listen to the blend of rock guitar work and splendid piano on “Silver Lining,” a tune that could easily cross over into both the rock and country genres. Other songs to check out include “Chase the Past Away,” and “Facade.”

With such potential for commercial success, I am at a loss of wondering why they haven’t crossed over to such just yet. The songs on Seven Mile Ride are solid, no BS that can appeal to just about anyone. It’s a great disc that should be part of any collection. Have a listen and see if it doesn’t remain in your player long after you’ve listened to it the first time-or perhaps the second and thereafter. - By L. Anne Carrington


Debut Release "Seven Mile Ride" on Macaca Fuscata records. Streaming on various portals, National PR campaign recently initiated with Rainmaker PR, initial regional radio airplay submissions distributed end of January 2009.



So, Seven Mile Ride in days gone by, we have heard of these princes’ heroic campaigns. From small towns veiled from the pulse of the true art and even that heard in the darkness before dawn; parked, hidden high in the hills to receive the word over scratchy bargain speakers from the real world, or so we hoped, so far away. Seizing the chance we travel as far as the meager funds elicited from the tourist trade would take us. And playing there, gleaning the knowledge from those who have been there and managed to return with their souls if not their minds. Then further yet we sojourn, learning, living, searching and yearning for that Shangri-La that lives not in a place to be easily found but in the hearts of those who seek out its power.

Seven Mile Ride has been together for several years and is composed of four dynamic individuals with a wide variety of interests and talents. Following the recent release of our critically well received self titled EP we are focusing on expanding our scope as well as increasing our radio presence. Regional tours are in the works as well as a possible foray into SE China for two weeks. In addition to our main focus with the Indie-rock music of Seven Mile Ride, several members are involved in side projects of several genres wich we love to play, collectively we have credits for CD, sound and movie production as well as years of experience playing the better (as well as infamous!) clubs, bars, studios and festivals in Washington and beyond: Bumbershoot, Bite of Seattle, Louie Fest, Hendrix Birthday Concert, Okanagon Centennial, Addison Ill 4th of July, Benefits for various charities including Hope Link, and Childhaven..... We do love to play.
We would love to play for you.