Seven North

Seven North


Sounds like: a truck full of scrap metal crashing into a music store.


What do you get when you band together two pairs of brothers, two frenetic young bucks and a certified madman? A recipe for soaring and energetic rock songs, over-caffeinated tomfoolery, and what we like to call: SEVEN/NORTH.

Like a steroid infused cyborg with A.D.D. and an affinity for lingering on the fringe of a dancefloor, SEVEN/NORTH play a brand of rock that is at one moment ethereal and stirring, and the next a pandemonium of melody and thunderous rhythm that you are not sure whether to flourish with or run for your life from.

Originally from Oakville, Ontario, the boys were brought together by their general distaste for suburban ennui. The fellas started spending their weekends and evenings creating wonderfully musical madness in a basement and in turn, driving local neighbors to the brink of dementia. The collective of friends have spent the past year creating songs of high intensity while striving to do something sonically unique from today’s music. With wide-eyed vigour in the melody section, a double percussion syncopated attack, and a reputation for high-energy live performances, SEVEN/NORTH have a penchant for making earnest and interesting music, gaining new fans, and creating run-on sentences!

Set List

Sheedin - 2:30
Friendly Engineer - 4:00
Untitled - 4:30
Untitled - 3:00
We Have A Runner - 5:00
Everywhere We Want To Go - 5:00
Untitled - 4:00

Our sets are typically 30 minutes long.