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Seven Ocular

Chris Cotsonas (of Odyssey fame) recently released a cd of an impressive musical side project that him and his boy have been working on. The whole thing was written, recorded and produced by the two of them and released independently. Click the link below to read all about it... - Def Grip


Seven Ocular - "Through the Knows"
Release Date: September, 2006
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I like Seven Ocular's style. They got these Atmosphere-ish angry yelling rap styles with good lyrics and aggressive flow. And they're rapping over some unique hard core slow-electro hip-hop beats containing myriad sounds and influences. Some of it kinda reminded me of the production on 7L & Esoteric's latest release, A New Dope.....

Seven Ocular is obviously talented within the confines of a studio as well as with a couple microphones, which is demonstrated by a handful of impressive instrumentals, verses and music. With a little development, this group could possess the vision to create another new sound in hip-hop.



Reviewer: Tagillicutti
This album is definitely tight as hell! I was constantly wondering what is going to come next after every song with this album! I too can not wait to see these guys play live!


This CD is tight!
Reviewer: Marcus D.
I was blown away. I cant wait to see these guys live. - CUSTOMER REVIEW ON CDBABY


We are the showcased performer on this episode. - ESPN


Through the Knows LP, July 2006



Seven Ocular’s debut, “Through the Knows”, was released in July 2006 & contains ten seamless & interconnected songs inspired by the frustrations, shortcomings & experiences found in simple, everyday life. While embracing the heavy multi-layered feel that’s found on some of hip-hop’s most influential albums, the record retains a strong, uniquely defiant sound & focused direction all its own. Every aspect of the LP’s release, both audio & visual, is the result of their combined efforts.

Friends since childhood, Seven Ocular’s Link Cornelius & Chris Cotsonas (aka, Joe Cribis) began making music in the mid 90’s at rented studio spaces in Rochester, New York. Raised on the records of hip-hop’s golden era, they started working together “officially” during the summer of 1995. The proceeding years were productive & loaded with eye-opening, “self-taught” recording techniques, but by the end of 1997 they would reach a critical turning point. Their expectations began to be challenged by the typical distractions that most people face in their late teens & early 20’s, and the collaboration briefly dissolved as Chris followed design work to Los Angeles in 1998.

Despite the obvious diversions & cross-country distance, their motivation continued and they quickly started working together again. Link meticulously honed his production skills in Rochester, & Chris started a highly reclusive & relentless three-year crate digging stint at cramped apartments in Santa Monica & Redondo Beach, absorbing hundreds of records, movies & TV shows.

As their collective inspiration continued to build, Link moved to LA in 2002 in an attempt to be closer to future recording resources, & a permanent studio space in an industrial section of Fullerton, CA was secured less than a year later. Re-connecting under their new name, “Seven Ocular” (a reference to seeing the number seven repeating at random intervals during the recording process), their self-recorded and produced “Through the Knows” LP began to take form by the end of 2004. Work on the album commenced at a sporadically intense pace (while holding down full time jobs) through early 2006.

“Through the Knows” has been independently produced, recorded & launched by the group with professional mixing and mastering by Dave Cooley. The album is available for sale (CD) & download from Vinyl DJ-specific copies will be out in late summer 2006.