Seven On Six

Seven On Six


7 on 6 is an instrumental group that mixes Progressive Rock,Fusion, and Funk. We do a mix of originals and covers. If you want to see talented musicians and something different than the rest of the Milwaukee bands, then book 7 on 6 for your next show.


Seven on Six was formed in the summer of 2003 as a Trio with Nick Matzke on Guitar, Brian Fitzpatrick on Drums, and Ben Stueve on Bass. It originally started as just a jam for fun, but the three musicians realized there was something special and decided to from a band. All three members brought a wide range of influences to the group including Vital Techtones, Dream Theater, Tower of Power, Shawn Lane, Spyro Gyro, Steve Vai, and Spastic Ink. The band started playing out in Milwaukee in early 2004 and released their self titled EP containing five original instrumental compositions. Highlights include the catchy melodies of Zinc or Swim and Ribs and Sauce, while tracks like Phase 100 show the band exploring more complex territory. The band took a break in late 2004 in attempt to add another member. In Febuary of 2005 guitarist Jeremy Kush joined the band to complete the lineup. Seven on Six is now ready to rock again and bring their brand of infectious instrumental music back to the Milwaukee Club Scene.


Seven on Six (EP)

Set List

Originals Covers

Zinc or Swim "Cult of Personality"-Living Colour
Ribs and Sauce "Dead Man's Dream"-John 5
Phase 100 "Tender Surrender"-Steve Vai
Peligro "Munster Rag"-Brad Paisley
Euro Blues "Freudian Trip"-Michael Harris
Glarus "Julius Seizure"-Michael Harris
Latrina "Twang This"-Peter Mac
Locriation "Kick it all Over"-Greg Howe
Slave Cylinder
Clean Up

We also like to include instrumental medleys of popular songs by artists like AC/DC, Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre, and Metallica.

Sets can be however long the club wants them to be, but are generally 45 minutes to an hour.