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"Seven interview with Hustle Mill"

Written by Ulyssia Seawell
Hustle Mill Recently chatted with Seven about his upcoming album; political issues affecting the Hip Hop community and the state of Hip Hop itself. This son of a Black Panther and former Uhuru president definitely is opinionated and has a hot new EP coming out soon.

Where are you originally from?

Long Island, New York

So how long have you been in NC?

NC? Off and on since '91. I guess I made it permanent in '93 though um I came to college out here. I came to college out here and um you know I shot back a couple of times since then but more or less I decided to make NC home after that.

How long have you been in the industry and how did you get started?

I guess on a professional note you can say '96. I started out as a hype man for KRS-1 actually. Me and another partner of mine who I still rock with now, Equinox, we formed a group call The Nobodies, and we dropped our first album "Fables" in '97. I guess you can say that was the beginning of my professional emceeing career or whatever.

Who are some of your influences?

Oh Rakim, Nas, Tupac, Dead Prez, I guess Jay-Z to a degree, Biggie of course, and of course I'm from L.I Keith Murray we from the same neighbor hood. I always looked up to him coming up too.

I understand you are coming out with an album. What is the name of it? When is it coming out and what is it about?

Actually it is an EP. It's like 9 joints coming out on Domination Recordings most likely later this month. I'm not exactly sure of the release date yet. I'm still waiting to get that back from the label, but it will defiantly be sometime in the next 3 to 4 weeks. The name of the EP is "Ridin' High". Basically, it's just an examination of where we at, and how we living right now. Know what I'm saying. Not necessarily riding high on no we rich and we doing it like this, but we're riding high 'cause we doing what we love to do and we enjoying it. So that's what it's really about. 'Cause you won't hear no ice and no you know mills and none of that 'cause I don't got mills. I ain't gone lie to you. You know what I'm saying but, yeah we doing it big right now. At least we trying to, so we living high off of that.

What is a song that your audience should defiantly check out?

"Sail Away" is the first single featuring my man Equinox actually from The Nobodies. That's the first single, and we doing a video for that know what I'm saying. And also, my personal favorite is "Ridin' High" and "Never Leavin' a Trace" featuring Supastition and Equinox two collectively known as Lost Colony. Yeah those are like the key joints to me.

On Myspace, you have a lot of songs about Revolution. Will you find a lot of that on the album, and what message do you want to give to your fans?

Well I ain't really OD with it on the EP you know what I'm saying. Because it's only 9 songs I did a little here a little there. You know just a variation of stuff to show people there is more than one side to me cause a lot of people got accustom to seeing that side of me at shows and things of that nature. And also I'm a part of Uhuru movement. I was actually the president of the Winston-Salem chapter, so like a lot of people know me for that. But I wanted to show them it's more to me than that because they never imagined seeing me in a club somewhere unless I'm performing, but I mean I like to go to the club. I like to hang out and do regular things, so sometimes I have to take the focus off of that. But as far as revolution go, that's always going to be a part of what I do cause that's a part of me. My father was a Black Panther. I still follow the movement closely you know what I'm saying. So that's defiantly a part of what I do, but I kind of played it down on this. You're defiantly going to get some of that though on the full length. It's coming. Believe that.

What was the name of the movement Winston-Salem again?

InPDUM, The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement. Dead Prez, they used to be part, I mean I know they still down. M-1 was actually the president of the New York chapter. And he was the one who kind of inspired me to go ahead and take to presidency of the NC chapter. It's a lot of people. Fred Hampton Jr. he came out of the Uhuru Movement. It's a lot of people that's active right now. Immortal Technique, a lot of them people have been associated with Uhuru throughout the course of their activism.

And what is that movement about?

Well, InPDUM is more or less um the main focus is on the struggle for reparation to a degree. But also, Uhuru is Swahili for freedom, so the basic premise of the twelve points of the program is that we want exactly that, freedom. We want freedom to decide for ourselves how we want to be educated, how we want to live our lives and not have other people's laws imposed on us you k -


Fables and Now Culture (Mends Recordings), Soulja Music Volume 1 and 2 (Mixtape Series), The Wait Is Over (Nebulous entertainment) and, Ridin' High (Sire Music group/ Domination Recordings); coming soon: Soulja Music Vol.3: Da Revolution



Representing Winston-Salem, NC (by way of Long Island, NY and Raleigh, NC), Seven is an underground legend determined to take his career to the next level. After false starts with several labels, the self-proclaimed Caroline Hurricane finally struck oil in 2008, releasing the well-received EP Ridin’ High on Sire Music Group/Domination Recordings.

No stranger to the industry, Seven has an impeccable track record on the battle circuit. After holding the crown at local station 102 Jamz for an unprecedented 18 months, he went to victory in the Larry Pickett Show Battle and Rhyme Wars. In addition, as part of the late 90’s duo The Nobodies, he toured with greats such as KRS-One, The Roots, and Queen Latifah.

Now on the cusp of the stardom that eluded him, Seven is preparing to release the third installment of his Soulja Music mixtape series (Da revolution), mixed by DJ J. Lone. Following the mixtape will be several albums, one of which is the highly-anticipated (and much delayed) Born Wit’ Less. Be on the look-out for one for Hip-Hop’s finest recording and performing artists in a city near you!