Sevens Revenge

Sevens Revenge

 Tacoma, Washington, USA

A female fronted Alt / Rock powerhouse, their brand new album “Distortion of Reality” has been dubbed “the sound of the New Northwest” by Music Industry News. Sevens Revenge has made splashes on the airwaves in Los Angeles and around the country, as well as the near-impervious music market in China with their dynamic new single “This Is Me”. Their music is a reflection of honest emotion without "the woe is me" mentality.


Like the shadowy Pacific Northwest from which they hail, Sevens Revenge reaches into the deepest crevice of the human psyche with a dynamic sound drizzled in dark, sweet overtones and painfully addictive self-revelation. Lead vocalist Dusti Seven’s powerhouse yet reflective style immerses the listener in their own underground chasm of introspection. Enrapturing audiences on stages nationwide from New York to Dallas to Seattle, frontwoman Dusti Seven encapsulates the band’s intensely personal and explosive energy. Kristen Cadenhead, Rhythm Guitar and Vocals, lays the groundwork in the songwriting with her hauntingly distinctive touch, pulsing through the band’s nervous system with raw rhythmic energy. Her seamless vocal blend with frontwoman Dusti is an indelible stamp on the band’s sonic identity. Lead Guitarist Scott Malone weaves through the peaks and valleys of the arrangements with subtle brilliance and tasteful creativity, adding edge and essence to an already intoxicating brew. Bassist Cooper Stanley fills the pocket with punch and power, drawing upon multiple genres to pack together a solid bottom end. And Ryan Fairchild on drums throws down a foundation of driving groove and emotion, cradling the eruption of unforgettable expression that is Sevens Revenge.


This Is Me

Written By: Dusti Seven

Oh no, you don’t know (you don't know)
The light inside of me
You stand there in the distance
The fire it’s inside of me

Your judgment stares with hellish flare
God it hurts, it pains me
If you could be me what would you do (would you do)
Sacrifice what’s free

What would you do
(what ,would, you)
What would you do
(what ,would, you)
What would you do
(what, would, you)
What would you do
This is Me

You see my wrong reflection
You see what not is me
You stand there in the mirror now
But mamma, what do you see
Roller coasters sweeping
They sweep my childhood dreams
If you could be me what would do (would you do)
Sacrifice what’s free


I’ve been every direction
I’ve been up every hill
You know I can’t get rid of this
It’s not a disease
There is no pill



Written By: Dusti Seven

Within my thoughts
A painted picture
A vast and rugged landscape
The weather of my emotions
Is something you cannot break

Pre Chorus:
I can feel you come
From the Earth
Sense your presence from the ground
Miles and Miles and Miles and Miles and Miles

Lightning Lightning Lightning
All Around
Shifting sadness from heart to eyes
In the perimeters I’ve gone blind
In a vent between here and awake
Warped corridors
My own earthquake

The wind blows the direction of my will
Maybe in this storm
I will feel
Further my reach my reality breaks hands
I wonder when it will come together again

Pre Chorus
Here I am
I’m still wandering these streets
This is my existence
It’s what I believe
Scraping the last little bits of me
Move away now it’s my own defeat

Pre Chorus

Lightning, Lightning, Lightning


Written By: Dusti Seven

You will not leap
You will not take hold
I’m the thorn
You’re not that bold
Statues will fall
Do I want you to fail
Statues will fall
I want you to fail

The front of your happiness
The scale of your wake
Reflective images
Distorted lake
Circle’s not time
Lines are not drawn
Simmer in the steam
Your head held at long

There are walls
Don’t pretend they’re not there
Your hopes, your dreams, my vision
You’ll climb those stairs
I find solace in your bridges
Fear in your ground
Cracked crust layered in
Expel with no sound at all

The ants move our earth
The flies direct the wind
Edged in ashes
A form of what’s within
An easy breath will make it
Destroy and reform
Followed by the shadowed sun
Hate in its gore

Flight will not be your ground
(flight will not be your ground)
Flight will not be your ground
(flight will not be your ground)
Flight will not be your ground
(flight will not be your ground)


Not Worth the Fight

Written By: Dusti Seven

It’s just a different type of heartache
In a different time in life
No ins, No outs
It’s just not worth the fight
It’s just a different type of window
In a different type of light
Beveled pain into the frame
It’s just not worth the fight

And you, can’t fight the one you like
And you, it’s just not worth the fight
And what I remember
It’s starting to seep in
Panneled doorways into nothing
Can’t fake where we begin

Tables create barriers
No soft distance in the fall
Further and further our hands will reach
Becomes tough to make the call
And I reach inside of what I know
And I go running back to the end
Everything from the beginning
When can we start this again


Tear Your Heart Out

Written By: Dusti Seven

Feeling this way
It takes my pain away
Diving deep inside your brain
Its pain
Sideways, backward
Somewhere in between
You’re falling
You’re falling
You’re gonna fall for me

TTTear your heart out
TTTear your heart out
TTTear your heart out
I’m gonna watch you fall to the floor
You’re gonna give in then ask for more
Let me whip you to be free
Go on beg me on your knees

Just beneath you’re gonna fade away
I don’t think ‘bout it
No, not today
Sleep low
Sleep well
Raise your hands to me
I’m gonna find out
What it means to be free
Chorus (Repeat)


"Distortion of Reality" Debut Album 2012
"This is Me" Single 2012
"Edged in Ashes" EP 2010

Set List

White Rabbit
Edge of Yesterday
Not Worth the Fight
Over the Moon
Shades of Blue
This is Me
Tear Your Heart Out