Seven Story Coalition

Seven Story Coalition


Seven Story Coalition thrives on energy. Their catchy melodic vocals, dueling guitars, booming bass, and heart pounding drums are second to none. All the members want to know is how crazy the fans will go!


Seven Story Coalition is all about fun and Dedication. They've been together about 3 years and through hard work and not taking themselves too seriously, they have aquired dedicated fans and always getting more as they go.

Thanksgiving is their favorite time of the year, because they thrive on free meals. Seven Story Coalition is young and has overwhelming enthusiasm. Don't let their ages fool you(which range from 17 to 21). They are pure power that you will feel even when the show is over!


Seven Story Coalition currently have 2 EP's out and are approaching their 3rd release in May.


"A Promise Kept"

Set List

Set List:

Dirty Bird
Falling Asleep at the Wheel
Little Kids Ruin Kidnapping Plots
Mrs. Dash
The Best is Yet to Come
Paralyzed Thinking

Seven Story Coalition has a huge repertoire. But usually like to half hour sets.