Seven Story Redhead

Seven Story Redhead

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

The leanest, most un-bloated rock-and-roll distilled from the purest pedigree.


Seven Story Redhead emerged in the fall of 04 with a simple goal: to create the leanest, most un-bloated rock-and-roll distilled from the purest pedigree. Think early Kinks and The Who, and then add a healthy dose of The Jam and The Clash - a sort of proto 60s r&b garage punk band.

In deference to their do-it-yourself ethos, the band knocked off an initial seven song EP, Super-Fancy Hobo live in their basement, recorded with two entirely inappropriate microphones which none-the-less made the local campus radio charts.
A second EP, Live From the Work-At-Home Institute benefited from having a song featured prominently on X 92.9s Exposure program. I Was Yer Mate received daily commercial airplay for more than five months helping to generate an even broader fan base.
The Redheads third effort, a full length self titled album was released in the fall of 2008 to much acclaim and further radio play.
In 2010 they released their fourth album, a 7 EP entitled Shake It Out! which has already won them the much coveted X92.9 exposure contest, and continues to gain exposure through regular radio play and national campus radio charting.
2011 Saw the release of their fifth album, an ambitious 10" entitled "Uptight/Downlow" so keep yer head up cause this one will knock you down!

The band continues to bounce around Western Canada, playing any stage that will have them and continuously recording new music in their custom built rehearsal/ recording studio. In the bands words, The closer you get to awesome, the better it gets.


EP - Super Fancy Hobo, 2005 Independent
EP - Live from the work at home Institute, 2006 Independent
Debut full length - Seven Story Redhead, 2008 Independent
EP (7") - Shake It Out, 2010 Independent
EP (10") - Uptight/Downlow, 2011 Independent

Set List

1.5 hours of original material