Seven Summits

Seven Summits


Seven Summits is a four-piece band from Belfast in Northern Ireland. For a young band we already have one album successfully under our belts and the second is well underway. We believe in making each song, album and performance better than the last.


Seven Summits are four:
Rory Nellis (Guitar/Vox/Keys)
Fra Mc Crory (Bass/Vox/Synth)
Dominic Coyle (Guitar/Keys/Vox)
Joe Laverty (Drums)

They use a range of guitar & synth sounds to create unpretentious, thoughtful alternative music.

-'pleasingly literate indie stomp' - the guardian

-‘Ben is Fantastic’ -

- ‘Feel good music at its best’ – Rory McConnell (bbc Radio1)

-‘Sublime Grunge-pop’ – Irish News

-‘Excellently moulded outfit, meshing perfectly together’ – NI Chart

-‘Simple yet gorgeous’ – Secret Fireworks

Their debut album has been voted album of the month at BBC Radio 1 introducing and album of the year on Green & Live Limerick FM.

Already in 2010, they have graced the BBC Introducing Stage at the world famous Glastonbury festival, and their intention is to build on this achievement to even better things..

They are currently in the studio recording album number 2.



Written By: Seven Summits


Ben, can you bring the gin
(or) else I wont let you in, Ben
I mean it, I mean it Ben.

Things aren’t what they used to be,
We’re out on a limb baby, yeah
Keep swinging, keep swinging Ben.

Come over to mine after the show,
We’ll drink a bottle of wine on the patio,
I don’t remember saying you could smoke though, Ben.

Ben, how long has it been,
I hear you’re gonna be a daddy. A daddy Ben.
Things aren’t what they used to be,
We’re out on a limb baby,
Keep swinging, keep swinging Ben.

What's With All The Lights

Written By: Seven Summits

What’s with all the lights,
They’re oppressing me,
What’s with all this running around,
What’s with all this running around?

Don’t turn on the light,
When I’ve got my curtains drawn tight,
I don’t want to know what’s outside,
I don’t want to see what’s outside.

Please let me sleep on,
I just want to lie here and watch TV,
Close the door behind you please.

What’s with all the lights,
I had one too many last night,
What’s with all this running around,
Tell me what the fuss is about.

Play Dominoes

Written By: Seven Summits

A familiar word a familiar phrase,
Yeah you win some you lose some,
Guess you wanted more from me,

Play dominoes, double or quits

How much monkey DNA,
Is there running through your veins,
In the case of one or two I’d say.

All that I wanted to say,
Is that you’ll never stop me.


September 2009 - Seven Summits (10 track debut album)

We received great support and airply at the BBC in Belfast on both Rory Mc Connell's introducing show and Across The Line with Rigsy.