Seventh Calling

Seventh Calling

 Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

In short, SEVENTH CALLING writes original heavy metal music. A very energetic 3 piece group not only in the studio but also live. Steve Handel-Lead Vocals/Lead Guitars, Mike(Basswalker) Walters-Backing Vocals/Bass Guitars, Dennis Pesicka-Drums/Backing Vocals


SEVENTH CALLING, is an American based Heavy Metal Band, The basic idea for this project was to create it's own 'style' of HEAVY METAL. Taking influences from Metal titans such as Metal Church, Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, Riot, Megadeth, Annihilator, Primal Fear, Wolf, Dream Evil, Savatage, and so on, is what initially helped make SEVENTH CALLING come to life. After having perfomed throughout the midwest United States area for more than a year, it was time for the first album, MONUMENTS, to be recorded. This record was released on Melissa Records worldwide in 2007. The album was received very well, therefore giving the project the ability for it's first US tour, and also gaining critical acclaim for the groups live performances. Moving forward from this point, Steve Handel would relocate the project to Las Vegas, NV in 2009. This move would see him shift to the Heaven and Hell Record label for the next official offering, EPIDEMIC. Now conitinuing forward, having relocated back to the groups origins in the midwest of the US and also with the addition of Mike Walters, and drummer Dennis Pesicka to Seventh Calling's lineup, the group is now ready for 2013 with great anticipation!!


MONUMENTS- Full Length, Melissa Records-2007

EPIDEMIC- Full Length Heaven and Hell Records-2010

BATTLE CALL - Full Length- To Be Released in 2014

Set List

The group performs original heavy metal/Hard Rock from 30 minute sets up to 1.5 hrs.