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"Anyone want to know about a new band?"

While I was in line for the “Three Days Grace/Breaking Benjamin” concert at the Bell County Expo Center (see “For Serious Rock Fans Only” article), I met with some musicians who were doing what is called self-promotion, something that most popular bands don’t do anymore.
With two pairs of headphones and either an iPod or a CD player, Luke Edwards and James Matthews of “Seventh Echo” talked to those of us in line for the show and let us listen to their new CD “Chasing Daylight.” After hearing their song “Dysfunctional Lullaby,” I had to ask Luke Edwards a few questions about everything “Seventh Echo.”
Daniel Perez: Who is in your band?
Edwards: James Matthews, Brian Dorsey, Jared Baker, and me.
D: Where are you from, and how long have you played together?
E: We’re from Mansfield, Ohio, and we’ve been playing together for seven years. We’re currently signed to Blitzen Records.
D: What got you into music?
E: “I was bored growing up.” …
D: Where have you played, and whom have you played with?
E: We’re finishing up the tour with “Breaking Benjamin,” and we have also played in the Vans Tour. We’ve played with many bands, from All-American Rejects to Avenged Sevenfold, Cinder Road to Puddle of Mudd.
Right now we’re on a promotional tour, and soon we’ll be in the studio with Jaret Reddeck (of Bowling for Soup fame). The album we produce will receive national attention, so look out for us.
D: What’s the biggest thing you’ve done since the Vans Tour?
E: Definitely touring with “Breaking Benjamin.” They’ve helped a lot in getting our band noticed more.
D: What are your influences?
E: It’s hard to say. I guess “anything from ‘Bon Jovi’ to ‘Breaking Benjamin.’” This question is asked a lot, and some answers like “Led Zepplin” and others like that have become “so generic it’s almost false.” Anything and everything influences us all, you know?
D: Where’s the best place to contact the band?
E: Check out our Myspace!
D: Any final comments?
E: “The respect that we’ve gained from just talking and self-promotion…It’s something that Myspace can’t do. This is how you reach your audience.
Well, there you have it. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on. With a good mix of hard rock and softer songs, like the band they toured with, “Breaking Benjamin,” they have something for everyone to enjoy. “Seventh Echo” has a bright future ahead, and I’m glad to be a part of that.
- Daniel Perez

"Chasing Daylight Review"

One word describes Seventh Echo: determined. Chasing Daylight is deeply steeped in that determination. Armed with a polished pop rock sound, killer guitar rifts, and catchy lyrics, Seventh Echo teamed up with producer Mark McClusky to produce an album that is truly a diamond in the rough. The album is very reflective in nature. From its title track “Chasing Daylight” to the end track “Who I Am”, listeners are taken on SE’s journey. The process that they went through while chasing the dream ( Chasing Daylight ), things they learned along the way ( Put Down The Phone ), obstacles in their paths and frustration ( Waiting to Explode & Dysfunctional Lullaby ), and finally just going for it ( Take My Hand ) and ultimately becoming the band that they are ( Who I Am ). Chasing Daylight is a defining moment for a band on the rise, which makes you want to rock out and sing along till you have no voice left. - Misty Rayburn


4-01 Gettysburg address recording. 350 sold locally
6-01 "It's all for the show" from the Gettysburg recording stated to be played on several local college markets.
7-01 "It's all for the show" appeared in the New Head Zine sampler.
5-02 First Full Length introduced "As clear as it seems" 1000 copies sold with non stop touring through out the east coast in Ohio river valley region.
5-03 in between tour stops the band made it's way to the Mtv's TRL studios to play acoustic on times square in front of 500+ screaming fans waiting outside on the streets.
5-05 Invited for national TV debut on OLN's Mobile skatepark series in Cincinnati Ohio.
6-05 "Another Generation EP" Touring being kicked off with the 2005 Van's Warped Tour performed on the Kevin Says Stage at Germain Amphitheater selling 500 copies the first date of the tour.
8-05 Being invited back to play on a DIY stage known as the Bofunk stage. After breaking down getting to the first show on the last month of the tour, salvaged the last two weeks selling 2500 copies of the EP.
9-05 Invited by Dan M of Story of the Year to do a promotional tour selling our EP in the lines of concert attendees for the midwest and east coast dates of the Story of the year tour.
3-06 Another Generation E.P. has been licensed to be featured on the "Nerd Herd Vol 2" soundtrack.
6-06 2006 Van's Warped Tour. Seventh Echo hit all dates except the Canadian dates with the Nerd Herd Crew, selling a whopping 7410 copies coming up 90 discs shy of hitting 10,000 units of "Another Generation Ep sold.
7-07 Entered into first recording contract with Blitzen Records. Send into the studio by Niles Davis CEO Blitzen Records to record "Chasing Daylight" Band's first professionally produced 6 song EP.
7-07 Warped Tour 2007. Playing acoustic at the skull candy tent nationwide selling 5000 copies.
9-07 Received permission by Freddie Fabri to do promotion in the lines waiting to attend Breaking Benjamin Concerts in the fall 07 tour. With just the singer and the guitarist, sold 120 copies a day.
2007- present Relentless Promotion at whatever venues allow Seventh Echo to go out and promote their albums selling to date 25,000 units.
6-08 "Dysfunctional Lullaby" from the "Chasing Daylight" release has been played on radio nationwide from College markets to clear channel stations bucking the trends.



One word describes Seventh Echo: determined. Since forming in mid 2000, they went from being described as "appearing as new to the music industry and very young.." to "well on their way in the future of rock ‘n' roll..." and that was only in three years. Where other bands have tried and failed, they continue on with a relentless diligence that can only be admired.

Armed with a polished pop rock sound, killer guitar rifts, and catchy lyrics, Seventh Echo took the local scene by storm. Their work ethic and constant desire to better themselves opened up many doors for them. They have done independent east cost tours, promotional tours with Story of the Year, and Breaking Benjamin and also have been on the Vans Warped Tour from 2005 to 2007. Even in spite of band members leaving, cars breaking down and all the other obstacles placed in their way, they have still continued on with the same desire as when they first started. In spite of the odds, they have on their own sold over 25,000 albums just by reaching out to their ever growing fanbase.

In 2007 Seventh Echo teamed up with producer Mark McClusky to produce "Chasing Daylight", an album that is truly reflective in nature. It was described as "a defining moment for a band on the rise, which makes you want to rock out and sing along until you have no voice left" and truly reflects the "We're going to do this no matter what" attitude that the band has.

With a continuously growing fanbase on myspace and new album sales with each live show as well as on the internet, Seventh Echo is clearly in this for the long haul in a world where the music industry at large overlook many bands with talent.