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Detroit, Michigan, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1994 | SELF | AFM

Detroit, Michigan, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 1994
Solo Hip Hop Indie




"What Inspires Seven the General"

Seven The General is a talented and hungry artist from Detroit, Michigan. He has worked with artists from the group D12, as well as Royce Da 5’9″ and Redman. After a decade in prison, Seven wasted no time contributing to music and building a name for himself. His first single, “We In The Building”, is featured on Legendz Entertainment’s 2008 album, Bout Time. Seven is featured in Al Profit’s crime documentary, Murder City: Detroit, 100 Years Of Crime & Violence. Seven also stars in the motion picture, Dancing Shoes, directed by Darren Brown. In 2010, Seven released the album, Sanctum Sanctorum. - The Bee Shine

"Seven the General x Nick Speed - A.R.T. (the DIA Project)"

Detroit Hip-Hop is in a great place right now. Talent is everywhere and coming from all angles, producing a variety of sounds for a multitude of listeners worldwide. One of the gifted currently staking his claim in the Motor City’s revival is Seven The General. With his latest A.R.T. project, the 313 OG shows an immense amount of diversity and delivers an exhibit that more than deserves the praise of his more notable counterparts.

Despite really only being known regionally, local followers will hear this perfectly-executed ten-track tape and notice how Seven has clearly marched his way up from a being a good hood rapper doing open mics to a well-rounded MC capable of taking his music career well beyond his Westside capital surroundings. Instead of gloating trap raps, this listening experience from the baritone thug poet features everything from sketchy street scenes (“iWitness”) and hard-nosed singles (“Show Up”) to bouncy OutKast-esque singalongs (“Knowhere”) and Better Made beach tunes (“Gwap Talk”) – all of which are masterfully backed by Nick Speed’s imaginative production. Shit, “Stupid Fruity Loud Pack” is built from damn Sonic The Hedgehog samples and still manages to let The General display his skilled delivery tactics.

All in all, this A.R.T. (The DIA Project) tape displays next level talent from someone who deserves the right to have recognition alongside the other Detroit players currently getting next level shine. You might not the know the name now, but watch the video for “Show Up” and then download the full tape below and Seven The General is one that’ll become well-known in your iTunes, at the very least. - The Smoking Section

"Seven the General and Nick Speed Shine in 'A.R.T. the DIA project Documentary'"

Low key, Seven The General dropped one of the best projects to come out of Detroit last year. By teaming with his renown hometown homie Nick Speed, this longtime Motor City staple made A.R.T., the best project of his career (get it here). The album featured a diverse palette of tracks, each offering their own concept and feel, giving Seven various outlets to express his raspy realness.

Now, to reinforce how dope the LP came out and give a behind-the-scenes peek into the process behind killer tracks like “iWitness” and “Knowhere,” Seven and Speed deliver A.R.T. The DIA Project Documentary. At approximately 20 minutes in length, this relatively quick clip is high quality, showing how much pride both men put into their craft and how tight their bond was throughout the creative process. After watching, it’s obvious why the final product was so potent.

Yet, despite the recap of A.R.T., the best news might be that they’re currently working on the sequel. - The Smoking Section


Seven the General Rapper/Actor/CEO From Detroit Michigan, who has wrote with and for Major artist such as K'jon, Multi-Platinum recording artists D12, Redman, Royce da 59, J Dilla & Esham amongst a slew of other artist. Seven is Dubbed the HARDEST WORKING ARTIST IN MICHIGAN for his relentless work ethic and drive. The Star of four feature films (Dancing Shoes w/Kjon, Saint Aubin, Opposite Direction & the Lodge) Seven gain nationwide notoriety from the now infamous crime documentary "the Murder City Detroit 100 years of Crime & Violence" availalbe at Blockbuster as well as NetFlix and other online out lets. The Documentary has gone on to be an educational tool in criminal law classes around the United States. As of Late Seven has been working closely with G Unit/Danny Brown producer Nick Speed as well as some more powerful producers such as Silent Riot, (MMG) Olympicks, the Chemist (we the best) If you’re from the Detroit Hip Hop scene, then you’re aware of the large disconnect between those that people would consider, “Hip Hop,” and those people would consider, “street.” Enter Seven The General. Not to be confused as anything other than who he is, Seven spent 9 years, 3 months, and 17 days in prison. Off first glance of Seven and his history, you’d instantly want to categorize him as a street rapper but Seven The General‘s ability to mold and transcend both sub-genre scenes of rap is nothing short of amazing. Discography: "Bout Time "the Sanctum Sanctorum "Stars & Stripes the Elian Gonzolez story "A.R.T. the DIA project" "Sun Tzu of the City" - Dub - MTV

"Dj Dez and Dj Butter Collab for groundbreaking album"

DJ Dez and DJ Butter are posted up in front of Bert's Market Place talking Detroit hip-hop. They laugh like they're at a family barbecue and politick barbershop-style as they bring up everybody from Esham to Eminem. The two are riding high on the acclaim from their album, A Piece of the Action.
Butter, who's been spinning records and selling mixtapes since the '90s, felt it was time to bring the project to fruition.

"We actually started this about three years ago," he says. "[We] took a little pause and then got the ball back rolling."

The two DJs decided to make an album that was more than just Detroitish sound and purged Dez's basement for tracks he had been sitting on for years.

"Dez had like a zillion beats," Butter says. "I was like, 'Come on, man, let's work!"

A Piece of the Action wins because it's ambitious, diverse, and well-composed. It's produced in continuous mixtape format, with sick-ass original beats. There aren't any Funkmaster Flex-ish annoying voiceovers, overdone skits, or music we've already heard. It features the likes of Supa Emcee, Elzhi, BO$$, Phat Kat, Street Lord Juan, and Guilty Simpson. Action also includes appearances from national hip-hop veterans Kool G. Rap, Kokane, and Kurupt.

"We pulled cats from different regions and paired them up," Butter says.

"We consider this an album more than a mixtape because we want people to take it more serious," says Dez.

The album, which has a total of 40 guests, came about in large part because Butter and Dez used social media to reach out to everyone.

"At the end of the day we're all the same kind of people," says Dez. "All it takes is to make a connection and that person seeing your vision."

Dez is no stranger to collaborations, having played prominent roles in several Detroit music genres. He's worked with Amp Fiddler, toured with Esham and Davina, was the official DJ for Slum Village, and created the DJ crew 12 Tech Mob. He's also teamed up with Moodymann on several house and tech projects.

His collab with Butter was released under their label Crazy Noise Productions.

"We have more releases coming out," Butter says. "Wesley Valentine's album will be out soon. ... We also plan on putting out some remixes, vinyl, and collector's cassettes."

As the sun dips behind Eastern Market, the duo reverts to their original conversation. Historic names Kaos & Mystro, Gary Chandler, Shotgun, and DJ Lenn Swann are bandied about. They talk unity, the new cats, resentment, and good music.

"We all just gotta come together," Butter says. "They love us outside the city, but sometimes we're too hard on each other." - Detroit Metro Times

"Artist using concerts to help do good for less fortunate"

DETROIT — What’s newsworthy about a bunch of hip-hop artists raising goods for the homeless? Apparently nothing.

But, “media attention wasn’t the goal,” said Barry Yett III, better known as DJ Butter. He helped organize and host the “Detroit Hip Hop Elevation” event that went down Saturday at the Magic Stick in Detroit.

“I’m not worried about it,” DJ Butter said. “I’m not worried about a pat on the back. That’s not what it was about.”

DJ Butter, a pioneer of Detroit hip-hop, organized the fundraiser with his old friend DJ Dez Andres, formerly of Slum Village. Uncle P from hosted. DJ Los joined DJ Butter laying beats for the emcees on a huge bill of local talent, including among others, Seven the General, Miz Korona, Big Herk, Mr. Cliffnote, Sheefy McFly and a Dearborn Heights man, Valid, who closed out the show with a performance with a crew from his record label, Titan Records.

Miz Korona and Strike might be better known to the mainstream from their roles in “8 Mile,” the movie about Eminem coming up.

Those familiar with Detroit’s vibrant underground hip-hop talent machine of course may know them from local venues where independent artists are known to “hustle harder,” as they say.

“We raised about 200 coats,” DJ Butter said, in addition to other clothes, cash and canned goods for the homeless. Admission for the show was a choice: $5, a bag of clothes or food. Yusef Bunchy Shakur helped distribute everything raised via a community home that aids locals.

“He’s been doing that for a long time now,” DJ Butter said of Shakur.

It’s notable that such a range of artists came together for a good cause, artists who have been separated at times due to the scene. Everybody got along just fine Saturday, DJ Butter said.

“Everybody came out for good,” DJ Butter said. “It was all positive.” He said folks in charge of the venue initially wanted to charge him more cash for extra security, but he was able to talk them out of it. And everything was just fine, he said. - Press and Guide

"Seven the General - I got a Little Money"

If you’re from the Detroit Hip Hop scene, then you’re aware of the large disconnect between those that people would consider, “Hip Hop,” and those people would consider, “street.” Enter Seven The General. Not to be confused as anything other than who he is, Seven spent 9 years, 3 months, and 17 days in prison. Off first glance of Seven and his history, you’d instantly want to categorize him as a street rapper but Seven The General‘s ability to mold and transcend both sub-genre scenes of rap is nothing short of amazing.
So allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite emcees out of Detroit, Seven The General.
“I Got A Little Money,” is Seven‘s latest single from his upcoming album – Sun Tzu Of The City featuring Maestro and produced by Silent Riot and Maniac Beats. Check it! -


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