Seventh Epic

Seventh Epic


Our roots are rock 'n roll, but we utilize electronic sounds and instruments to create a style that does not fit into any one genre. Instead you get fun, adventurous, and melodic music. In other words, a good show.


Seventh Epic is about music. Each of the members has a diverse background, but we've rallied under one that moves us. We love to make music, and we love to share it. Those who enjoy our songs usually like the feel of atmosphere moving around them in sound with beat and edge that can deeply inspire. Because of this our fans range in age and style, from Rush to Paramore. From the preteen emo crowd to middle aged rockers of the 70's.


Our new album, On The Edge, has been played on internet stations such as Planet Nerve 8 and Gangsta Radio.

Set List

We provide entertaining sets ranging from 30 mins to an hour.
Set list consists of originals from our album On The Edge.