Seventh Gate

Seventh Gate


we sound like melodic high to low pitched screams and growls, egyptian solo type riffs and halloween put into a blender and turned way up


Seventh gate was formed by gabe and krys with gabe playing guitar and krys on drums

after some searching and lots of ideas we came up with our lineup you see on our page in january 2008

we are completely dedicated to our music and believe we have what it takes to make it to the big time

at the moment we have 8 songs

here is the order they were comlpleted

from hell they came(january)
our of the grave(february)
moonlit nightmare(may)
your cant bring me down (ST cover) (may)
dreadful sorrows (june)
medeleon village (july)

on average we finish about one song per month
and they are all top quality

we have had many shows and the energy we release off the stage sends the crowd running for our demos.

so please if anyones considering a band for playing
we are the best choice. we garuntee it

here are our band members and some live pictures


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The Bone Crusher: Lead Guitar

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The Decapitator: Guitar

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Ax Molson: Bass

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Krys: Drums

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Under A black Sun (august 2008)

Set List

our usual set list is either to have our intro begin and begin with medeleon village
or to begin blasting off with dreadful sorrows but usually it goes

dreadful sorrows
out of the grave
moonlit nightmare
leviathan (or ST cover)
medeleon village