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"review from musical discoveries"

Review from Musical Discoveries Posted: Sep 25, 2005
Image © Margaret McClure Music 2005 (25 September 2005) Stunning indie artist Margaret McClure has just released her new six-track EP, Tears for Jack. This pop/contemporary album emphasizes her beautiful, thoughtful vocals. Margaret describes the music on this album as "a cross between the alternative rock edge of Sheryl Crow, the texture of Norah Jones, and the emotion and modern sound of Dido with a little Americana thrown in and a bit of European flair."

Tears for Jack is a story of love and longing, breaking up, and making up. The melodies are generally upbeat and singsong with lots of strumming acoustic guitars and pop tunes. Margaret has a breathy, earthy style which enhances the impact of her powerful lyrics. Working with hit songwriter/producer Tom Trapp and talented music composer/singer Brian Russell, their musical writing styles have involved indie rock, pop, americana ranging to electronica d&b, r&b and jazz.

"Stay With Me" has a tender melody, with Margaret's lovely, breathy vocals. The gentle guitar accompaniment enhances the tranquil music. A mood setting piano intro sets the atmosphere for "The Story is Still the Same (SEO's d&b mix)" which changes to an almost techno sound. The percussive tune along with her airy singing makes this song a standout. The same titled final track on the CD is the acoustic version, highlighting her soaring vocals and the flexibility of her style. The clarity of her voice is especially enjoyable in this version.

"You're Not Gonna Break My Heart" has a poetic tenderness with a sensuality to her performance. The more pop/rock "Brick Wall" and "No Love Voodoo" are modern and edgy, with an irresistable beat. Her engaging voice draws you into the catchy melody.

Margaret's passionate musicianship and lovely singing on Tears for Jack creates an imaginative and poetic album. However, with only six tracks, it leaves the listener wanting more. Her emotions and varied life experiences have enhanced the creative aspect to her work. Her exciting music blended with her sexy vocals bring this lovely artist to the forefront and leave us anxiously awaiting additional works.
- musical dicoveries

"Sept 14th 2005 Tears for Jack Review"

Margaret McClure,"Tears for Jack" (Indie Release)
This six song album from singer songwriter Margaret McClure is a story of love and longing, breaking up, and making up. This woman has been through it all and she pours her heart out for us all to see and that takes a lot of guts. The high points of this album are “Brick Wall” and “You’re Not Gonna Break My Heart” but the true gem of this album is the drum and bass version of “The Story is Still the Same” which is excellent and a nice crossover. Overall it’s a nice happy singsong album with lots of strumming acoustic guitars and pop melodies reminiscent of Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlan and a bit of Susanna Hoffs from the Bangles fame. The breathy vocal style is a bit nervy and grating at times but needed to get her point across. If you’re into this thing go get it, buy it up…. - Ear Candy Magizine

"Aug. 31st 2005 Tears for Jack Review"

MARGARET MCCLURE – TEARS FOR JACK: Margaret McClure is a singer, songwriter, environmentalist and cancer survivor. Margaret grew up in southern California where she was trained in classical violin before exploring blue grass and later the raw energy of punk. McClure has also studied dance, piano and theater. Her varied experiences find their way into her diverse six-track CD. Margaret's music blends textures of Americana, electronic, pop and rock in a very accessible format. McClure writes and sings lyrics filled with real life emotions and experiences. 'Stay With Me' is the opening track with its slow, steady rhythm and clear yet breathy vocals. 'The Story Is Still The Same' features changing techno beats and singing. 'You're Not Gonna Break My Heart' has dreamy effects and vocals. 'Brick Wall' melds pop with a country-rock sound that is quite creative. 'No Love Voodo' is a catchy, edgy rocker performed Sheryl Crow style and the album closes with the serious 'The Story Is Still The Same'. Margaret McClure is a passionate musician and Tears For Jack is imaginative and poetic!
• Recommended Tracks: (2,3,4) [USA/CA 2005 - web] (Review by Laura Turner Lynch for - Kweevack Radio

"women in music review"

a Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

The cover is very pretty, but for some reason had me expecting smooth jazz music. Mother was right, "Never judge a book (or CD in this case)…"

Margaret McClure's vocals have that pretty whispery quality.

"Stay with Me" is a lovely soft pleading song.

"The Story is Still the Same (SEO's d&b mix)" begins very airy then goes almost techno. Lots of echoey vocals, and disco drumbeats. But the "regular" version of this song at the end of the CD shows the piano better and her vocals feel right up front. I could imagine either of these versions on the radio…just on different stations. This is a great song and a stand out on this CD.

This is a nice recording and belongs in the collection of any fan of pop singer songwriter, adult alternative genres. I look forward to more from this artist.

Posted on August 17, 2005

- collected sounds magazine

"muzik man review"

Margaret McClure has an entrancing vocal style that lures you in and once it has you, well, you are hers for the entire album. In six tracks, McClure impresses as a woman in control of her craft. She certainly seems to be positioning herself to be a pop diva that will find success on Top 40 radio stations. Not everyone wants that but I am sure it would agree with her just fine. Her music has a nice sound that will please both pop and contemporary listeners. Her breathy and sexing vocals are sure to make some young mens ears perk up.

It is hard to tell at this point, after hearing only six tracks how she will fair against all the competition that is doing the same thing. Like anything else, it takes perseverance, drive, and the right marketing combination for success. I think that there is a huge audience out there waiting to embrace talented young woman just like Margaret McClure.

Her stories are about love and life, a theme that seems to catch peoples ear more than anything does. As she sings on the closing track The Story Is Still The Same, just the people, places, and things have changed. I would like to hear a full album from this performer, and some songs that are a little more up-tempo. I think she has the elasticity in her voice to make many transitions that she is not venturing into at this point. Perhaps the next recording will show everything she has, and then we shall see what happens.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-

"Editors pick"

editors pick review Posted: Aug 7, 2005
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Margaret McClure - Tears For Jack
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Margaret has many titles—surfer, environmentalist, mother, sister, daughter, redhead, rule breaker—but its her singer/songwriter moniker that urges the most attention. After bouncing from her classical violin training to bluegrass to punk she forged her unique voice and songwriting talent. At the center of “Tears for Jack” is her voice, a naughty one that is smooth and coaxing. So you’d be surprised that Renée Zellweger is who I think she most sounds like, whom before “Chicago” had only sung at the final scene of the indie classic “Empire Records” and of course during the silly karaoke scene in “Bridget Jones Diary”. But Margaret’s music is equal portions pop, rock, and even electronica garnering her an eclectic but desirable mix of styles. Pick up this surprising and stunning performance by a great up-and-comer.


"broadjam contest"

Feel good pop rock is back and Margaret McClure is responsible. Accompanied by band mates, McClure uses her unique voice to lure you in, and keeps you there with the combination poetic lyrics and catchy instrumentals that fuse to create an in your face, "I'm-not-to-old-to-rock" sound. If you havn't already been hearing McClure around, you will be soon enough.

Jon & Elizabeth.

tinderbox music
- tinderbox music


sound of the storm ...2004
tears for jack ....2005



“Seventhings” the new Southern California based Alternative-Pop- Rock band. Formed in 2006 by songwriting partners Andy Machin and Margaret McClure and named after their mutual favorite number "seven".

Both have had successful solo careers and are dedicated to writing, recording and performing great music. They have created a modern edgy style with incredible instrumentation and vocals that is upbeat and fun but emotional and engaging at the same time.

Judging by their early success, the songs of Seventhings definitely have the right mix and can be heard on “The local Show Live” and MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” and many other film and TV projects for 2007. The prolific duo are also shopping their new songs to major artists and performing at venues throughout Southern California.