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seventh room


Seventh Room is a modern rock band born from real musicians who write intense and moving music that people connect with.


Seventh Room began like most rock bands do; a group of young musicians with similar vision started creating music they love. They recorded their music and performed in every dirty Boston bar that would have them. After years of cutting their teeth and flirting with success, singer Rob Foley and guitarist Paul Mangiaratti decided to try something different and the band dissolved. Their story ended for the first time.

Years after the band split, a group of teenagers broke into the abandoned warehouse where the band held rehearsals. Inside they found early Seventh Room recordings and loved the music. Wanting to share this discovery with their friends, they decided to start a Myspace page and upload the music. Paul came across the page and contacted the kids behind it. Feeling a bit busted, the teens told of how the page came to exist. Flattered and amused by the story, Paul decided to contact his former singer for the first time in over two years. Seemingly disinterested in the story the singer promptly replied with, “That’s cool; you want to hear some new songs I’ve been working on?” Surprised with the response, Paul agreed to meet with Rob and the two picked up right were they left off. The band was completed with the original drummer Michael Dwyer and new bass player but old friend Ian Cariolo.

With a collection of new songs, a new bass player, and a new purpose, the band hit the recording studio to record their debut EP meanwhile. Meanwhile conveys a sense of unrest and aggression the band never captured in previous recordings. Rob Foley/Paul Mangiaratti/Ian Cariolo/Michael Dwyer describe their music as “intense, unaffected rock.”

The members of Seventh Room spend most of their time developing new material and are already in the process of choosing new songs to document. Thanks to a thief, their story continues.


Meanwhile EP

Set List

10 original songs 45-50 minute set

Take Time
Sister Pain
The Day Before You Die
On Time
Ever Asking
Very Next Day
Bend the Sky
Step Down