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Seventh Star

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


""Brood Of Vipers" Press"

"their fusion of metal and hardcore is tight enough to keep pits a-circlin' " - Alternative Press

""Brood Of Vipers" Press"

"easily one of the best hardcore albums to come out this year. Instant genre classics that should ignite pits everywhere" - Highwire Daze

""Brood Of Vipers" Press"

"'Brood Of Vipers' may be the first genuine hardcore album of the year" -

""Brood Of Vipers" Press"

New vocalist Johnny Intravaia adamant orifice will have you mad in no time, ready to take on the world’s compromise (just as soon as you work out in hopes of matching his Charles Atlas-esque physique) -


"LifeBlood" 2001 on Warfare Records
"Dead End" 2003 on Facedown Records
"Brood Of Vipers" 2005 on Facedown Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Seventh Star formed in 1998 in Ocala, FL, with the purpose of playing hard music with a message of forgiveness. They have since gone on as flag-bearers of what it is to live lives that are examples of the integrity, conviction and boldness that hardcore is all about.

Seventh Star released their first CDep "LifeBlood" in 2001 on Warfare Records. In June 2003, they released the full-length CD "Dead End" on Facedown Records and tour constantly with bands such as: Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Sick of it All, Blood for Blood, Unearth, Shai Hulud, Bleeding Through, Terror, Throwdown, No Innocent Victim, Everytime I Die, Underoath, All Out War, Most Precious Blood, Hoods, Comeback Kid, As I Lay Dying, Ringworm, Blindside, Death Threat, Figure Four, Stretch Armstrong, and many more.

In 2004 the stress of a totaled van, financial trouble and other problems caused a few members to exit the band, leaving room for their new vocalist Johnny Intravaia and guitarist Chase Moore to join the band. Johnny and Chase brought in their years of experience with a fresh excitement and approach that has pushed Seventh Star to new levels with the release of their new Facedown releases “Brood of Vipers”.
“Brood of Vipers” will be released May 10th and delivers Seventh Star’s heaviest, most dynamic record yet with lyrics that pull no punches calling out the hypocrisy that surrounds us today of not backing your words with action. Seventh Star ask for the listener to start thinking for themselves and living out conviction, something they personally do every day with their own vast amounts of integrity.
Check them out on the road all year long!