Seven Times Salt

Seven Times Salt


Elizabethan music with lutes, recorders, and strings. It's Shakespeare's soundtrack. tights.


Seven Times Salt draws on many influences. Initially, ensembles like the Julian Bream Consort and Musicians of Swanne Alley were the models. These groups were exclusively playing Elizabethan Consort music. Seven Times Salt took that model and combined it with influences from 70's folk rock: Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span primarily.

Elizabethan Consort music is very attaractive chamber music that does not strain the ear. When people hear it, they often are transported to another time, but not in a Dungeons and Dragons type of way. It's very encapsulated and full of brilliance. Once used as dance music at the court of queen Elizabeth, it serves well as ceremonial music.


No discs yet. We have been heard on WGBH and legend has it we are often heard on Bloomington Public Radio.

Set List

Typical set list would be jubilant Rennaisance dances, a few solos, and a vocal tune. For past programs, you can find them on the website.