Seven Trill

Seven Trill

 Mesa, Arizona, USA
BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

Free Lynx is a rapper out of Tampa, Florida with over a decade of experience.


Seven Trill is a 23 year old hip hop artist from Phoenix, AZ. Starting off as a graffiti writer by the name of 7ER, he quickly became known within the Phoenix hip hop scene for his graffiti. Now, after turning his love of music into audio art, he has fully transformed into a promising hip hop artist, and is quickly gaining a following. He has released two mixtapes that have been received well among the Phoenix underground, and will be releasing an anticipated album this summer called Trillism. People say hi everywhere this kid goes. Interviews, reviews and shows all seem to come naturally for him, and he's been through enough in life to not be surprised by much, while staying charismatic and good-humored about every day obstacles. Seven has a real place in hip hop, and it shows in everything he does. His dedication is unprecedented, and he is quickly rising in the industry because of it. He has shows booked throughout the southwest region this summer to promote his album, and adds new accomplishments to his career on what seems to be an hourly basis. If you haven't heard of Seven Trill, you will soon. Check out the hits from his 2012 mixtape Monsoon Season before his new single from Trillism drops this month, and get caught up on what you've missed.


2011 - Can't Hold Me Down (singles: Big Spender, Infamous)
2012 - Monsoon Season (singles: Purp Potion, Illness)
2013 - Trillism (soon to be released)

Set List

Big Spender
Purp Potion
That's My Word