Seventy Five Summers
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Seventy Five Summers

Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"AM Arizona"

Performed live on AZTVs morning show "AM Arizona". - AZTV (KAZT) (FEB 2009)

"Compilation CD insert"

Original song was featured on compilation CD insert of various artists and bio of band was published in magazine. - Sonic Magazine (FEB 2007 Issue)


Singles - Cold Ride, Give and Take, There's the Door, P.S., The Offer, The Silence, Homesick
EP's - Promo Demo
LP's - We Never Heard Of You Either

Streaming & Radio Play - Cold Ride, Give and Take, P.S., Homesick, The Offer, The Silence



All of us individually worked as musicians most of our lives, and we wanted to bring an original sound that can be identified as Seventy Five Summers. This is our project of projects. It goes along with the meaning of our name:

You only have Seventy Five Summers to live, if you are lucky, so live them well. Always surround yourself with good people, good music, and a good environment, and don't forget good beer either.....and some day when your life is settling down to its end, you will look back with no regrets. We could only hope that we could have a part in helping that to fruition.

Todd is a great man with good ideals, and a wonderful voice. He is a teacher, a good friend, and most importantly, an open minded singer. He always has good ideas, and sees them clearly enough to perfect them in his performance. His lifetime commitment to music has graced him, and the rest of the fellas with the experience direly needed in any music project. Having been where we want to go, he knows just where to go next.

Ryan is a third generation musician who caught bass playing from his dad. It's all he plays and what he loves doing. He plays bass like he tries to do everything - with care, thought and deep feeling. His optimistic philosophy and motivation make him a good fit with the other guys.

Randy is a lifelong student of music, versed in all genres. His drumming "outside the box" creates interesting new angles to everything he plays to. Anything that "tickles the senses", as he puts it. His knowledge of other instruments and music in general enables him to play off other musicians and complement each others sound. Always motivated, and always ready to perform to the best of his ability, it wouldn't be the same without him.

Mike brings to the table, a raw passion for playing guitar, along with a drive to succeed. Coupled with the rest of the band, he is driven to take things to the limit. Mike eats, sleeps, baths in music, and seeks to share that with as many people as possible.

Jared is a dedicated guitar player and a valuable addition to our lineup. His ambition is only surpassed by his commitment to the cause. He's the fifth piece of this puzzle, and with him we will attain everything we strive to achieve.

All of them come together to create an original sound, that tantalizes your senses, makes you think what music can really do, and leaves you wanting more.

Take a listen, have a cookie and a beer. Let us know if you dig it, and most importantly don't forget our message.

You have Seventy Five Summers until you don't. Until then, Keep it Surreal.