Seventy Six

Seventy Six


Energetic, rhythmic, hooky-and-catchy major key rock and roll that blends alt-rock, alt-country and pop rock sensibilities into a first-class listening experience.


In a flurry of high energy, grooving rhythms, tight harmonies and blazing guitars, it might be easy to assume that the band on stage brings an attitude the size of Texas. But a conversation with anyone in the group quickly debases any fear that they’ll be asking for specifically branded bottled water. The members of Seventy Six are your average, down-to-earth kind of guys, happy to exist as established, sonically unique performers.

Influenced by classic 1970s rock, pop rock of the eighties, mid-nineties alternative, and more, Brock Dittus, Jordan Anderson, Miles Tillman, and Jason Harper produce infectious rhythms, bold music, and lyrics drawing philosophic insight out of simple metaphors and clever wordplay. Nathan Jenisch, Keyboard, joined in 2007, adding a full-bodied rock sound. Despite the bravado of their rock and roll music, the band proves to be personable, accessible, and entertaining. Their debut album, Gone is Winter, captures a theme of life’s experiences and retells it through song.

Featured on KNRK 94.7 FM’s local music spotlight and recognized with a third place award at Portland, Oregon’s Rose Festival Music Fest, the band aims to engage the crowd during live performances through energetic stage antics, teaching singable parts, and covering familiar songs at each show. These troubadours love to have fun with music and people, bringing the two together as often as possible. With over fifty performances since the band’s inception in 2005, there’s little doubt that they’ll be playing a show near you very soon.



Written By: Brock Dittus

tiny whispers of helpless need
crying softly for Adam’s seed
young rebellion, blood ties betrayed
evil’s cold foundations laid

frozen fastly this land is bound
now in balance, unthaw the ground
release the fallen, wayward child
from the clutches of love less wild

gone is winter, here is spring
here’s redemption, to hope we cling
fresh the flowers, blooming trees
righteous power, and now we’re free

elemental, across the sea
untamed goodness eternally
sacrificial on ancient stone
undo evil and fill the throne

Empathetic Imagery

Written By: Brock Dittus

“I’m just fine” – heard you say that before
Are you sure – seems like your spirit’s hit the floor
You won’t lie – just push the question aside
You don’t have time to unpack the darker side

I’ve been watching you
As you try to struggle through

Empathetic imagery
Feel the things that we can’t see
Use a different set of eyes
There’s more afoot than we realize
Hiding under the surface here
Beneath the placid, calm veneer
Are rolling tides emotional
Washing around a drifting soul

Everyone wrestles all alone with hidden fears
There are times – feel like they hung you by the toes
Hear me out – perhaps you’ll let me share the peace I’ve found
Don’t give in – I’ll stay right here and help you stand your ground

Don’t turn away
There’s so much more for you today

Love Like I've Never Known

Written By: Brock Dittus

when I was a child, I spoke like a kid
trusted people just as much as anyone did
a couple of years later this kid got burned
the experience was noted and a lesson was learned
lack of trust resulted from a friendship torn
threw it to the wind and then a cynic was born
don’t get close, I’ve got a lot to defend
but you refuse to fight with me and say you want to be my friend -- my friend

when I am lonely, you’re there with me
and when the darkness falls, you help me see
you give me peace of mind, you make me truly free -- truly free
it’s a love like I’ve never known

I fought the law, and the law, it won
but up until then I was having my fun
impressive, posessive, you know the deal
no need to buy friendship if you know how to steal
time goes by like sand through a glass
it can be suprising how your life can fly past
fortunate for me I caught a glimpse of your gaze
and compassion in your eyes made me want to change my ways
you know I changed my ways

you give a guarantee that I can’t see, but you know I can feel
and what I’ve felt so far tells me that this has got to be real


Gone is Winter - November, 2006
"Love Like I've Never Known" was showcased on a local spotlight promoted by

Set List

Our typical set list is about 50mins and has 11 songs. We have performed a two-hour set which had 22 songs. Normally we perform all original songs, with the occasional cover.

Original songs:
Carry On
Long Walk Home
Best Part
Born to be True
Empathetic Imagery
Enjoy The Ride
Love Like I've Never Known
No Man's Land
Round One
Sailing On The Sea
Stand By My Side
And more are in the midst of writing

Sweet Home Alabama by Lynard Skynard
Bohemian Like You by The Dandy Warhols
The Distance by Cake
Principal's Office by Young MC
Juke Box Hero by Foreigner
Don't Bring Me Down by E.L.O