Picture all the best elements of all the heaviest genres of music rolled into one intense ball of raw, emotive energy, coming at you with all the ferocity of a raging bull.


SEVERANCE is a five-piece group of diverse musicians based in Central NJ currently leading the pack and waving the flag proudly at the forefront of the NJ underground metal scene. With an ever-expanding fan base, plus two plus years of national gigs under their belt, SEVERANCE is poised to break through in a huge way, from the underground to the above.
Formed in 2002 when lifelong friends, bassist Bryan Lozano and guitarist Pat Parisi, teamed up with drummer Wil Webster and began writing songs:before long they recruited vocalist Erick Laurino and guitarist John Demko to complete the lineup, and began writing and rehearsing vigorously in preperation for the bands' live debut, which took place in May 2003. With a thick melting pot of influences throughout the band members, ranging from classic rock to progressive to hardcore to straight up metal, audiences quickly took notice of the band's dynamic stage prowess, fueled by aggressive lyrics, hypnotic, crunchy guitar riffs, and an all-around powerhouse hybrid of sounds that left them dying for more.
Promoters jumped aboard quickly, and right out of the gate, the band found itself sharing stages with national act heavyweights like Ill Nino, Superjoint Ritual, Hed(PE), Mushroomhead, 40 Below Summer, Motograter, Soulfly, E-Town Concrete, Meshuggah, God Forbid and Machine Head. In August 2003 the debut EP "Mind Over Murder" was released, and capped off by a performance at the NJ Metal and Hardcore Festival in November 2003 at Convention Hall in Asbury Park, NJ, on a bill featuring established metal acts like Type O Negative, Danzig, Nevermore and Unearth, among many others.
By late 2004, with fans clamoring for new material, the band began pre-production and recording at Hell Studios in Clifton, NJ for their first full length release. By this time, the band established themselves as frequent performers at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ, and it was only fitting they unleash their debut album in grand fashion at that venue, culminating with their CD release party for "From Which I Rise" in July 2005 as special guests of Powerman 5000.
SEVERANCE continues to draw crowds and captivate audiences wherever they play, and will sustain that momentum as they soldier on as the best unsigned underground band currently on the scene. With powerful songs, intense live shows, and through sheer aggression and determination, SEVERANCE is quickly outgrowing the local scene and looking to break through on a national level.


Don't Want To Slip

Written By: Erick Laurino

Say it ain’t so
I don’t want to be
I don’t want to slip
I don’t understand
When can I get a decent break
I don’t want to cry
But I am not shy

I never want to slip
I don’t want to spit on your face
But is it time to kill
You just got a chill
I don’t wanna kill
Till I kill, till I kill, till I kill

Oh shit what a rush
But now you’re pushing me
Now you got to get paid
Should you end up dead
In the color red
And I don’t want to be
And my life’s just a fade

I don’t want to slip

Breaking the rules when I come back
What the hell, you’re going to make me do
Something I don’t want to do
Who the hell are you
It’s about the money, isn’t it
And now I’m slipping
I’m being the nice guy
You try to buy me
Just bite me
It’s your mistake

I don’t want to slip

Through the Pressure

Written By: Erick Laurino

In my dreams there’s only you
I cannot give it up
I know and you know
We share a gift forever
And by now as times fly
We should have been together
I feel that, I know that, I’m losing you

Your mess is just stress
Can’t get it out of my head
I just want you near me
Your mind’s torn like a porn star
Is that why you hurt me
I can’t believe you did that
I feel that, I know that, I’m losing you

Through the pressure, that’s the difference
Through the pressure, what’s the reason?

Bringing me down, I can not hide
It hurts inside
Its bringing me down, I can not hide
What’s inside

Now the fact that you know
The fact that you knew
The fact that the vision is clear now
You used that, you lose that
You hurt that, you love that
You need that, you love rejections

Your words lie

Your words

Voices of Insanity

Written By: Erick Laurino

What you pray
I can’t get a grip on it
I don’t care about this
I don’t care about you
Beware the terror now
Feel the flow as it turns you
Into the mad man

You made me, now enjoy it
Erase, destroy my mind
Can’t wait to unwind now
Now you know what its like
I see the spike coming
I see it falling above
My shining gun is waiting
It’s waiting
It’s waiting

I’m your mad man
I am your psychopath
I’m your mad man
You should be put to death
Put to death

You ain’t shit in my book
Now look
You’re a trashy hooker
Leaving it all empty
It’s just insanity
Face the reality
It’s voices of insanity

It’s on
Dead bodies cooking
Now I’m loving
Told you keep away
Blood fills with poison
Voices keep repeating, it keeps repeating

Out of control, I’m out of control
I cut the line, I cut the line

I Remain

Written By: Erick Laurino

Now, this is me, you’ve got to deal with it kid
You like that way, ‘cause I can never be the same again
Respect is what you get from me
I’ll never turn my back
I’ll never be a fake, a fake

I Remain
(Now you know me, now you feel me, now you can’t stand it)
Rise to the top, let me be free
Can’t you see I want it all

Make me king
Make me king
‘Cause nothing
‘Cause nothing
Will ever stop me

Now, I’m amazed, I’m amazed at how I feel about
This situation and it’s working out for me now
I’m not a failure
I’m gonna capture what I want
And I want the whole fucking world

The sickness, it infects me
And that’s the way I wanna be

Come on now, your life stops
You got the crown, you’ll be the best
Now fuck the rest, you run away
I’m here to stay, and now I’ll break away

And I will, I always will remain this way

Burning Me

Written By: Erick Laurino

Burn me

You, you try to burn
You try to burn me
You, you try to burn
You try to burn me

You like that now
You can’t get enough
Come back now
Let me get your stuff
You like that now
Don’t impress me much
I’ll cut your veins to see them gush

Come test me
Come test me now

My heart bleeds for you
I feel the need
My heart bleeds for you
I feel the need
My heart bleeds for you
I feel that

Burn you alive
Can’t come to see your funeral
With that in mind
You’re not so kind
Can you feel me with your heart
In my hands
From my hands
Feel the rush of my heart
Feel the rush from my hands

I feel the burn


"From Which I Rise" LP - Released 7/16/05
"Severance Sampler" 3 song promo - Released 1/14/05
"Mind Over Murder" EP - Released 8/31/03

Set List

On average our set list consist of a half hour which contains 7 songs. If needed we also do a 40 or 45 minute sets which can contain up to 10 songs. All these sets consist of original music of our full length album, "From Which I Rise." If an hour set is needed we will play songs that we have not recorded yet or possibly do a cover song to fill up the time. Below you will find our most recent set lists:

30 Minutes Set:
Voice of Reason
I Remain
Burning Me
Your Invitation
Don't Want to Slip
Borrowed Time
Voices of Insanity

45 Minute Set:
Through The Pressure
Borrowed Time
Your Invitation
Don't Want to Slip
Burning Me
I Remain