BandHip Hop

My music is so intense and will keep your head banging and your feet moving. I love to perform my songs live so my fans can really get a feel for my music. My lyrical flow is smooth with lots of raw and mad energy.


Jermel Cox (Severe), is a Baltimore, Maryland native. He is living a dream that came true. Through all his practicing and endless of hours in the recording studio emerged a star. Severe, has a unique explosive delivery with a smooth voice when he freestyles. When he performed in several showcases and contest around Baltimore, and abroad he was given the nick name show time. This was due to his high energy, strong vocals, and great stage presence. Severe is a well known local published poet. His poetic talent has been displayed in several of his very popular songs that has hit the local college radio scene, the internet and abroad. He has a strong positive influence on the young peers in his community and city. He takes time from his busy schedule to do some free shows, mentoring, and appearing in Baltimore’s mayor campaign “Believe.” Not only is he a dedicated artist to his craft but a role model to his community. Severe has won several awards from local radio, and several community programs for his leadership and encouragement among the city‘s youth. From music fans of rap this is a artist that will be a star shining for ever. Severe influences include Nas, Wu Tang, Redman, Busta Rhymes, The Lox, Jay-Z, and Outkast. One of his main objectives as a recording artist is to give the fans something to dance to, clap your hands to, nod your head, and something that makes you think and laugh. “Put your hands together from my main man (Showtime), Severe!”



Set List

1. Bounce 3:37 MINS
2. Game Over 4:16 MINS
3. Hypnotiq 3:38 MINS
4. Ride Wit Me 3:46 MINS
5. Nasty Boy 3:45 MINS
6. Severe Pain 4:15 MINS
7. Krunk In Da Club 4:09 MINS
8. Lil Kim's 3:55 MINS
9. Changes 3:42 MINS
10. Clap To Dis 3:56 MINS
11. Open Mic 4:15 MINS
12. Unhealed Wounds 3:55 MINS