Severed Fate

Severed Fate


"Ok, so what do you get when you put in one part old Arch Enemy, one part Bolt Thrower, and one part Darkane? Well throw in a shit load of Jack Daniels and you have Severed Fate from New Jersey." -Joshua Jones of The Legion 666.


Severed Fate is a metal band started by long-time friends and music enthusiasts, Rich Witzig (vocals) and Rick Bakker (Guitar). After many months of jamming with undedicated members, they enlisted Jay Bakker, brother of Rick, as a second guitarist. Finding a skilled and dedicated drummer proved more complicated than expected, so Rich, Rick and Jay enlisted a drum machine, so their writing process wouldn't be halted. After recording a 3-track demo, Jay left Severed Fate to pursue his own project. Jay's position was filled by good friend, James Mousette. Within a week of James joining the band Severed Fate enlisted drummer Brian Kunze and bassist Steph Ferguson.

Finally whole, Severed Fate spent the following months rehearsing and writing. Finally, the time came to go into the studio and record their newest song, "Relentless," a heavy, yet melodic track about self-determination and not allowing anything to stop them. Feeling very proud of their first collective effort as a band, Severed Fate immediately buckled down and began writing again. The next song to surface was "Rise," a brutal track in the vein of Slayer, written as a tribute to guitar legend Dimebag Darrell. More complications soon arose, and due to musical differences Steph left the band. She was replaced by former Severed Fate guitarist Jay Bakker, now rejoining as the bassist.

Severed Fate was finally ready to head back to the studio to record what would be their first independently released e.p. entitled "Dawn of Decay." Immediately following the recording of the e.p. and a barrage of shows, James left the band of his own volition, and was soon replaced by guitarist Phil Beam. Severed Fate's line up was finally fortified with like-minded, dedicated musicians ready to take on the world.

Severed Fate has since shared the stage with signed metal-acts Soilwork, Mnemic, Threat Signal, Darkest Hour and more. Severed Fate's sound is reminiscent of bands like Soilwork, Chimaira, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, Slayer, In Flames, Pantera and Arch Enemy, and some Iron Maiden. Severed Fate is a musical force to be reckoned. Now with their sixth member Gavin Hurley adding synths into the mix, Severed Fate are in it for the long-haul.



Written By: Severed Fate

You said that we would fail,
that we weren't meant to be.
Our time, we put to waste.
But now you'll fucking see,
that all your talking down,
it don't mean shit to me.
Fuck all you think you know!
Now all the rest will see,
we have suffered all the slings and stones
cast in attempt to break us down
but we will never give into your
sad attempt to keep us down.

We will never let you break us!

The time has come for you
To swallow all your fuckin lies
And all you thought that you knew
is crumbling,right in front of you
The time has come for us
to stand and fight, for all we live and breathe
severed are the lives that we once new before
And nothing will take away our dreams.

The bullshit never fades
But we won't fuckin flee.
this shit, flows through our veins
And now you'll fuckin see,
No matter what you throw
We'll block it endlessly.
Fuck all you think you know!
Now all the rest will see,

Buried Alive

Written By: Severed Fate

Open your eyes or forever be condmned

To this abyss you call your life.

You think everything will always be your way,

But you are sadly mistaken.

Tear me open, these wounds still remain.

Boundless hatred I feel for you, never laid to rest.

Suffer inside, drown in your lies,

When no ones around to catch you.

No more, will I, let you kill me inside.

No more, will I, let this run my life.

All this time, I never thought that it would come to this.

Broken promises.

I will not rest until the day you face me here in hell.

I Turn my back.

Now I see what went on in the shadow of my heart.

Of my heart

I'm so far gone, I'm not the one,

Who bought your decietful lies.

Can't explain how many fuckin times

I've died inside.


Written By: Severed Fate

Thunder rolls as the sky collapsed.

Chaos breaks the walls of silence.

A legacy lost as seconds elapse.

Now hatred burns inside us.

Martyr to a thoughtless cause,

As fate decree's, time to die.

Blinded eye's by a plan so flawed,

For all you've done is bind us.

Rise, Rise, Rise, Rise as one!

Redemption shines, for we have won,

Our king is dead, but still lives on.

This loss inside may never heal,

But from it we shall, never run.

All you thought to gain was crushed,

As the very life you lived was lost.

Now, in your grave your body rots,

As you watch from hell we rise as one!

Rise, Rise, Rise, Rise as one!

Never to Awaken

Written By: Severed Fate

All this time lost in this nightmare never to awaken.
The pages of my life inked with blood and pain.
This is the end of all Ive known to black we fade.

I can't see you're the enemy,
Until I am bleeding.
Now every ounce of guilt runs free,
And I'll make you bleed with me.
As I'm kneeling in your cold blood,
Your reflection in this knife is priceless.Your horror, my smile.
As your life turns into dust.

Now youll see, my torment.
You can't run.
You begged me,
You pleaded,
For your life.
Look through these dead eyes,
Into the soul that you tried to destroy.
I held you so high,
But you held me down till i drowned in despair.

Dead Inside, become this nightmare, never to awaken.
Violence has now become your end.
This is the end of all Ive known to black we fade.

Now slash out these eyes,cut out your tongue, eternal silence
Hands once held in your own,now grip your throat, choking the words out
Logic runs from my mind ,like blood from your lips,what have we done now
One bullet left,straight through the chest where my heart once beat.

Dawn of Decay

Written By: Severed Fate

A thousand clouds went black tonight
An angel screams our time has come
An age of warfare, god save me from this world
Repentance, but my soul was gone before tonight
Denial, in fear our minds collapse
In fear our minds collapse
The dawn of suffering now

Can't save the weak from the sword.
Fighting to overcome death.
Wicked will fall to the storm.
Cathartic day.

Watch the fragile fall,
Blackened heart and soul.
To save this frail world.
We are resolute,
The chosen few.
We remain,
We shall not falter

A Thousand flames will rise tonight
The damned ones scream our time has come
An age of warfare, god save me from this world
Acceptance, this darkest tale unfolds tonight
Reprisal, in fear our minds collapse
In fear our minds collapse
The dawn of decay now

We alone survive,
Destiny in Time.


We have recorded our first 6 track e.p. entitled "Dawn of Decay." We have all of our songs from the e.p. in rotation on multiple internet radio stations, some of which include Molten Metal, Scrub Radio and metalmassacreradio.

Set List

-Dawn of Decay
-Praise the Fallen
-Shout at the Devil (Motley Crue Cover)
-Never to Awaken
-Buried Alive
-Breed the Sin

We have covered Amon Amarth's Death in Fire from time to time as well.