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"Severed Fate Thrashes!"

Ok so what do you get when you put in one part old Arch Enemy, one part Bolt Thrower, and one part Darkane? Well throw in a shit load of Jack Daniels and you will have a good time! And the music playing at the shindig might sound like Severed Fate from New Jersey.
Thrash-Death Metal these days are a form of Metal that goes hand in hand, and I believe that that is a good thing. Now saying that, I will add this to my statement. It takes a good band to pull it off and sound original, Severed Fate has almost found their niche in this cluttered Metal scene throughout the world. Some riffs sound used before, but hey with so many other bands out there in the present and in the past, it isn't easy making a riff that hasn't already been used, they at least make it sound original.
The line up in this metal assault are, Rich Witzig - Vocals, Rick Bakker - Guitar, Jim Mousette - Guitar, the beautiful Steph Ferguson playing the bottom end Bass attack(hey I am single by the way, and I play Bass too in Zombie Death Stench, wink wink! Wow what a selfish plug on my part, what a douche bag I am!), and the newest guy to join in on the Drum skins, Brian Kunze, and they are armed to the teeth with old school appeal that easliy carries over into this generation.
The first song that caught my ear was the bad ass track "Relentless". This is a powerful song to get you into these guys, very thrashy, fast, and heavy, admitadly, I had to get used to the clean vocals, but after a while I was into it. This song showcases some good riff work and great over all instrumentation from the group....and wait a minute....wait...wait for it....YES!!! a fucking Guitar solo!!!!! Another band that gets it finally, so few bands out there understand the power of a good Guitar solo! Thanks guys, you made me tear up for a second there.
Now the other songs I listened to on their myspace profile(endourse here haha myspace fucking sucks balls for quarters!) lacked the clarity and power of the track previously mentioned. The music is still bad ass, but it needs to be cleaned up and the balls must be bigger! BIG BALLS! BALLS ARE GOOOOD!(I havent slept in like a week, forgive me)
The track "Buried Alive" is remanescant of old Machine Head, before they went all gay and shit, mixed with some nice Pantera undertones. Actually it reminds me of old Ministry strangely enough.
"Our Blackest Hour" sounds like it could be a Shadows Fall tribute and I like that, I fucking love THE SHADS! I just wish that it was clean and balls out like "Relentless", but like they have told me, they are getting ready to re-record everything and get into gear soon, so I will be looking forward to it, and I hope that you blokes and jokes out their come over to their part of the woods and give them a listen at . And let them know what you think about their tunes because I honestly think that these guys are going to tear up their local scene!
So with all of that said, I, Joshuah Jones on behalf of The Legion 666, give Severed Fate(drum roll please, and a sandwhich too if you have one) a 8 out of 10 on their music and a 7 out of 10 on production and quality. Honestly these guys have some bad ass chops for you to listen to and they will appreciate any comments about their music, they are good people that deserve your horns held up high!
- Joshuah Jones, on behalf of The Legion 666 - Legion 666

"Severed Fate Leaders of the Local NJ Metal Scene"

"Severed Fate was formed with one intent; to produce a no-nonsense, in-your-face style of metal that can not be replicated. With ferocious duel guitars, ear pounding bass and explosive drumming, topped off with brutal vocals, they accomplish just that.
Based out of Manahawkin, NJ, Severed Fate has evolved from a three piece with a drum machine to leaders of the local Jersey metal scene... But don't expect them to stop there. After recording their first studio single, "Relentless", SF relentlessly works to bring you more over the top metal for some time to come.
Expect to hear more from the studio and don't forget to check out Severed Fate live, tearing up the Jersey Shore, piece by piece." - Dan Capilla

"Severed Fate - One Pinch Harmonic At A Time."

Let's say you've got a band called Severed Fate. Lyrics are about impending apocalyptic doom, demonic spousal knifing and self-determination, with plenty of expletives peppered throughout. Black metal? Nope. Only satisfies two out of three lyrical conditions. And you haven't seen any pictures yet. If you chose underground hip-hop, points for cleverness.

No sir, this is pure American metalcore, following in the respectable footsteps of successes like Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall and Lamb of God. The five-piece of Rich, Rick, Phil, Jay and Brian lay out strong hardcore-influenced breakdowns against tight and well-arranged thrash for an immediately recognizable, tangible, and most importantly, enjoyable sound. - The Aquarian Weekly

"Severed Fate - Packing Punch & Crunch!"

Hailing from New Jersey, this quintet play awesome death metal. Clean crunching yet at the same time devastatingly precise. The band manage to create a sound which, while still brutally heavy, is perfect for breaking your neck to. Looking at their list of influences - Chimaira, Soilwork, In Flames, Devildriver - they are all bands who pack punch and crunch which is something Severed Fate are also well on the way to mastering.

Their aim at the moment is to join their heroes on next years Sounds Of The Underground tour.. who'd bet against them?

-Graham Finney -


We have recorded our first 6 track e.p. entitled "Dawn of Decay." We have all of our songs from the e.p. in rotation on multiple internet radio stations, some of which include Molten Metal, Scrub Radio and metalmassacreradio.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Severed Fate is a metal band started by long-time friends and music enthusiasts, Rich Witzig (vocals) and Rick Bakker (Guitar). After many months of jamming with undedicated members, they enlisted Jay Bakker, brother of Rick, as a second guitarist. Finding a skilled and dedicated drummer proved more complicated than expected, so Rich, Rick and Jay enlisted a drum machine, so their writing process wouldn't be halted. After recording a 3-track demo, Jay left Severed Fate to pursue his own project. Jay's position was filled by good friend, James Mousette. Within a week of James joining the band Severed Fate enlisted drummer Brian Kunze and bassist Steph Ferguson.

Finally whole, Severed Fate spent the following months rehearsing and writing. Finally, the time came to go into the studio and record their newest song, "Relentless," a heavy, yet melodic track about self-determination and not allowing anything to stop them. Feeling very proud of their first collective effort as a band, Severed Fate immediately buckled down and began writing again. The next song to surface was "Rise," a brutal track in the vein of Slayer, written as a tribute to guitar legend Dimebag Darrell. More complications soon arose, and due to musical differences Steph left the band. She was replaced by former Severed Fate guitarist Jay Bakker, now rejoining as the bassist.

Severed Fate was finally ready to head back to the studio to record what would be their first independently released e.p. entitled "Dawn of Decay." Immediately following the recording of the e.p. and a barrage of shows, James left the band of his own volition, and was soon replaced by guitarist Phil Beam. Severed Fate's line up was finally fortified with like-minded, dedicated musicians ready to take on the world.

Severed Fate has since shared the stage with signed metal-acts Soilwork, Mnemic, Threat Signal, Darkest Hour and more. Severed Fate's sound is reminiscent of bands like Soilwork, Chimaira, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, Slayer, In Flames, Pantera and Arch Enemy, and some Iron Maiden. Severed Fate is a musical force to be reckoned. Now with their sixth member Gavin Hurley adding synths into the mix, Severed Fate are in it for the long-haul.