Severed Nerve

Severed Nerve


Experimetal. Free flowing with no limits or rules. A constantly evolving unstoppable force we cannot walk away from.


Severed Nerve is a collective formed in 2000 by Coleman Coughlin, Chris Endriss, and Lewis Farnam. In the spring of 2005, Severed Nerve played its first show to a capacity crowd at the What's Up Lounge in Mankato, MN. Carried by an intense live show, the band quickly made a name for itself and received radio airplay in 3 states. After hitting the scene for the rest of the year, the band went through many line up changes eventually leaving Severed Nerve with the three original members. Shortly after Ryan Gropper joined on bass followed by Travis Campbell on keys/samples bringing an industrial edge to the band. With a solid line up in place the band began pre-production for their first full length LP entitled, "The Y Incision," in the spring of 2009. Mixed and mastered by Grammy nominated producer Chris W. Langer the album was completed in May of 09. Since releasing their album in late June, Severed Nerve has hit the scene harder than ever before, with a huge response online. The bands new and improved "cult" like image and energetic stage presence has been solidifying a fan base that grows rapidly everyday. Since offering a free 3 song demo online to anyone who provides an e-mail address, thousands of requests have been answered, with more every day.


"The Y Incision"- Full length LP

Set List

Anything off our album plus a couple more. We can easily fill 30min-hour long sets. No covers.