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"Severe Zero - Single Review"

Tastyfanzine Review by Christopher Sharpe
Severe Zero – Weapons Grade
I really, really, really wanted to hate Severe Zero. The piss poor cover art made me cringe at first sight and the local teenage emo band sounding name, were an immediate turn off and led to a delay in review on my part.
But a magic thing happened. I felt obliged to listen and review…and my god, it was brilliant! Beneath the superficial, up my own arse first impression I had, I was blitzed with catchy, snappy riffs, gutsy vocals and a real sense of musical articulation amongst the three members that makes this supremely enjoyable.
To be blunt I rate Severe Zero.
On later listens after the shock I could notice them as being akin to The Fall of Troy at points, except slightly less manic and more controlled. Aside from this comparison they are refreshing and, dare I say it, in inverted commas “original” (it’s nearly all been done before these days). Every key and tempo change seems to have been well thought over and benefit the song, giving it direction, urgency and purpose which if they maintain could make them a phenomenal live act. Severe Zero, you surprised me and endeared me and for that I thank you.

- Tasty Fanzine


'Dead Air'- Album released Aug 2008
'Silence On The Radio'- Single
'Weapons Grade'-Single



Severe:Zero are a band from the UK playing a mix of rock and melodic punk. The band have been gracing the ears of punters across the UK for almost three years. They've been described as sounding like a mash of Billy Talent/Foofighters and Greenday with a live performance that delivers musically and visually. Members are Luke Bond- Guitar/Vocals, Frank Rawle- Drums and Joe Brewer- Bass/Vocals. Using very fast pace and heavy hitting guitar riffs it is no wonder that this band have already received rave reviews from the critics-Tim Birkbeck, Tasty Fanzine

Severe:Zero had a busy 2008 with their debut single, Weapons Grade, featured on, amongst others, XFM Scotland rock show, Heat Seeker and Radio1s Steve Lamacq show and XFM Wales. They have played venues across the UK, including The Cavern - Liverpool, Pressure Point - Brighton, Purple Turtle - Camden, Carling Academy Bar - Islington, and SurfStock to name but a few. They featured on TV Extreme Sports channel- Ex-Tube, which was broadcast across Europe, and made their own video for Silence on the Radio. The band also received rave reviews for their album and singles from well respected industry critics.
In 2009 Severe:Zero went on a successful tour of Germany and in 2010 wowed crowds in the USA.

Severe:Zero are just a three-piece and considering their number they make a pretty big, solid and impressive melodic 'noise'. And, talking of energy, Severe:Zero exude a level of energy here that's almost tangible!!?- Toxic Pete
Severe:Zero gained huge experience from gigging and touring, making their live show electric and hugely entertaining. As well as being established musicians in their own right, they come together on stage to create a powerful and unique blend of epic rock songs that will have your fists pounding in the air. Their performance is super tight and filled with hyperactive movement and crowd participation which makes their audience become part of their show.

"Watch out for Severe:Zero - I think they have massive potential of getting very far, very quickly!?- Komodo Rock