Severo’s unique style has evolved to include in its percussive ensemble a range of musical
influences, creating a fusion with Latin Jazz, Caribbean and Latin American music. Their performances
are characterized by their innovative rythmic and melodic executions, as well as
their highly energetic choreographies and interactive nature that will charm the public into
dancing! They have managed to transcend the local scene and have gained a place in the
international community as they move to c


Severo was founded in 1978 at Jose Severo Quiñones Elementary School in Carolina, Puerto
Rico by music professor Sonia Pizarro Vizcarrondo (Carolina Music Hall of Fame). During the
past 20 years Severo has presented their percussion based (pandero, congas, and güícharo)
traditional musical concept in many stages. From festivals, carnivals, patron saints festivities,
corporate events and private parties in Puerto Rico and international venues, to outstanding
presentations like the International Jazz Festival in Carolina, BomPlenazo at Hostos Community
College in New York, Old Town Folk Music in Chicago, Island Festival in California, Teletón in
Chile, and many others in San Francisco, Indiana and Saint Louis. They have collaborated in
concerts with many artists like Juan Luis Guerra 440, Los Van Van, Nidia Caro, Luis Perico Ortíz,
Yolandita Monjes, Elvis Crespo, Luis Enrique and Tito El Bambino among others.


"Palo Pa' Fuego" www.myspace/plenerosdesevero; www,

Set List

First of all, thank you for your interest in booking a show for Severo.
Below is a list of our technical requirements. We designed this rider for
optimum effectiveness at the day of the show. If there are any questions
or if you have trouble providing any of the below mentioned
please get in touch with us before the day of the show and we will
work out a solution.
Our Stage Setup is:
1 Drumset
1 Bass Guitar
1 Electric Guitars/1 Acoustic Guitar
1 Piano/1 Keyboard
3 Congas
3 Frame Drums (Panderos)
1 Güiro
4 Vocals
We assume that there is a well sized PA system provided for the concert
room with sufficient power to supply a clean and undistorted
110dB SPL RMS to the mixing desk and a powerful and feedbackproof
monitor system. It is very important that the singers and the
drummers each have their own monitor speakers with separate mixes.
For venues over 300 people we will need two extra monitors for
the guitar and piano players and two sidefills for really large venues