Sever The Ties

Sever The Ties


An aggressive, and emotionally driven death-metal band. Put together with a vast array of metal genres. From incestant, brutal double bass work, to precisely orchestrated guitar and bass. All woven together by a poetic vision, harsh and unforgiving.


Formed in the late summer of 2002 under the name 'Anger Alliance' with original members Rocky McComas, Torin King, Jon Hester, and JJ Chaplin. They began playing original songs around the local area but not having very much success. After 6 months of playing under the name and with their original vocalist, the band decided to part ways with the former Anger Alliance singer. They changed their name to what they are now known as, Sever The Ties. During this time, they auditioned a few rythm guitarist and after awhile, just decided to stick with one lead guitar. After a few months of auditioning vocalists and playing instrumental shows, they decided to take in Morgan King as the new frontman. The past year has been spent writing songs and playing for an ever-growing fan base. They plan to record and release their first LP- summer 2004.


conflict unending

Written By: morgan king

Wrought from a mold long forgot Your sincerity it shines through your eyes Yes I want to believe but my past it hinders me for all that I've done I'm ever slipping like my grasp on reality yearning for the release the end it seems so near suspended in the air decieving I know still I can't let Go!


*Devotion EP - Spring 2004 - Includes tracks Devotion, Life's Light Flickers, Conflict Unending, and March Of The Dead.
*Sever The Ties LP (in the works)

Set List

All original songs. Our typical set varies, 30-55 min.(depending on venue etc.)
*Songs include -
Conflict Unending
March of the Dead
Rain on Down
Miles Away
The Great Beyond
Confessions of Blood