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"Sever This Illusion Shreds"

I finally got to see Sever this Illusion and boy, was I impressed. To hear Trevor sing his own music is a different story altogether. He has come into his own, with a viciousness/intensity that's hard to match, throwing singing and screaming into the mix whenever needed. The music of STI is slammin,' freight train brutal, heavy metal tearing past at 90 MPH.

If Slipknot, Fear Factory and Chimaira are to your taste, then you need to see Louisville natives Sever this Illusion.
- Eddy Metal- Louisville Music News


SEVER THIS ILLUSION self released EP Dream Away in November 2007 selling more than 500 copies in less than a month and hundreds more after that. The cd featured The Ride, Feast For The Eyes, Dream Away and Blood Brother. Feast For The Eyes hooked listeners and was played regularly on 93.1 THE FOX in Louisville, KY. All 4 songs are aired on on a regular basis. In the Fall of 2009 Sever this Illusion will be releasing their debut album under Turkey Vulture Records entitled "Unidentified Assassins".



SEVER THIS ILLUSION originated in Louisville, Ky in the winter months of early 2007. A force to be reckoned with SEVER THIS ILLUSION has dazed the metal scene in Louisville and have branched out to surrounding cities to annihilate any venue that stands in their way. Drawing influence from Creedence Clearwater Revival to Cannibal Corpse, SEVER THIS ILLUSION defies the laws of metal. Functioning at full capacity, STI is armed and ready to deliver massive amounts of metal to the masses. Packed with intricate guitar riffs, complex drumming, heavy low ends, and powerful vocals. All topped off with break neck leads and loads of harmonies. SEVER THIS ILLUSION is a band that truly delivers with an intense presence on and off the stage. Preparing for a new journey STI recently signed to TURKEY VULTURE RECORDS and are on the rise. STI has shared the stage with national/international acts such as Cthonic, Woe of Tyrants, Adversary, Brother Von Doom, Destroy Destroy Destroy, Psychostick, Look What I Did, PowerGlove and Straight Line Stitch, Primer 55, Motograter and Darksun.