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Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States
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"Top 10 Albums Of 2011 [Joel Frieders]"

#4 Sevonica - Some Dreams Need To Sleep

I have devoured this band's album like I went ape shit over Solid Gold last year. It's a comfortable traipse through an indie electro rock band I had never heard of until I was already a die hard fan. People might not know about these shitbirds now, but when they do, they will probably gobble their musicocks with more fervent fever than even I. -

"Some Dreams Need To Sleep - Sevonica [Album Review]"

From the opening chords to the final remixed note of the single "Farewell", Sevonica's debut album Some Dreams Need to Sleep paints a lush picture of sun-soaked sorrow and miscommunication. Flowing overtones complement lead singer Alex Sepassi's rich vocals and curious samples are backed by a solid percussion section.

The Austin based group has been playing around town since SXSW and gathering a rather loyal following, which is likely due to the fact that Sevonica has managed to strike a key balance between electric and acoustic in their sound. Creating dreamy rock with acoustic guitar chords front and center, it manages to avoid any kind of traditional genre classification as it bobs and weaves through the thirteen diverse tracks.

Even the album art reflects the regret and nostalgia infused in the lyrics and instrumentation, mainly through a photograph taken by Elizabeth Khorrami, a UNT student from Dallas. The group is invested in keeping it local, with bassist Kevin Pease designing the logo and website in support.

With successful Kickstarter funding raising over $2500 towards the album mixing and duplication, Sevonica is an example of the modern record release process. Donors received a digital copy of the album a week before the official November 1 release date, along with signed EPs, posters, engraved lockets, or a one-of-a-kind custom t-shirt, depending on the amount of monetary support. Also in the works is a 12" vinyl to be released later this winter.

Stream Some Dreams Need to Sleep here. The album is also available on iTunes and Spotify now. -

"10 out of 10 Album Review"

"Some Dreams Need To Sleep is by far the best album that dropped on November 1st, 2011 and was submitted to SYFFAL in the late days of October 2011. I can't even pretend to like this album I so love the F** out of it." "Some Dreams Need Sleep is already my favorite album of the month, and I'm positive it will remain in my favorites folder for the fourth quarter barrage""I don't always tell you to buy albums, but I am 173% dead serious when I tell you this is the perfect first snowfall album of 2011. " -


Review and promo of Raw Artist Showcase @ The Belmont in Austin TX - Austinist


2010 Winter EP (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify)
2011 Debut LP "Some Dreams Need To Sleep" (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify)
2011 Single "Farewell - Beatmass Dubstep Remix" (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify)



Sevonica began as a studio project in fall of 2009 in Austin, TX. In 6 short months, the tandem of Alex Sepassi (NYC) and Jason Babin (Crush Music Management, RYOT Phoenix Records) produced and recorded 12 songs at TestTube Audio (Austin, TX) while piecing together a 5-member live band. In November 2011, the recordings were released digitally via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and other major outlets under the title 'Some Dreams Need To Sleep'.

Sevonica is currently performing live to energetic crowds across Texas in promotion of 'Some Dreams Need To Sleep'.