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"Sewa~Cida releases GUT MUSIK"

You may only know Sewa-Cida from the Youtube video Explain My Name that has a couple hundred hits. Although, he is a very talented artist that has a past worth reckoning. He started recording in Columbus, GA at 16 with a group known as O.B.C. (Official Bloodline Clique).An album produced by his childhood friend Mike Dawg.
In 2003 he was introduced to a up and coming producer known as J.T. They formed a rap group called R.A.N. R.A.W. (Real Ass Niggas Ready And Willing) with CT3, Slimm, & Mark da Sniper, they recorded numerous songs and collaborated with local artists. Sewa-Cida eventually moved to Decatur and recorded full time with J.T which resulted in two albums in sequence. Sewa-Cida Thoughts: The Mixtape and Sewa-Cida Thoughts: The Album. Around 2008 he worked with a local producer name DMT to create a mixtape called Brangin Bak ’96 The Mixtape.
In November of 2009 he was sentenced to 5 years serve 18 months and during his incarceration received a random letter from J.T. He informed him of his “Da Spot Recording Studio” and wanted to give Sewa-Cida another shot. They recorded numerous tracks like “Explain My Name”, “Smile” and “No More”. In 2011, with, he shot the “Explain My Name” video, rereleased the Brangin’ Bak ’96 The Mixtape and created a collage of tracks from working with J.T., and called it GUT MUSIK. In 2012 Sewa-Cida started on another mixtape called “ Still Writing” with Sparktacular Studios. He’s also looking forward to performing at Apollo Amateur Live in New York this summer. He always explains his name by saying, “SewaCida is pronounced suicidal, but it’s not like kill yourself. The sewer is the underground and that’s my side. Therefore you have Sewa-Cida”.
Hopefully he won’t be there long.

For more information, promos requests or to set up an interview, please contact
Phone: 404-834-2078
- Underground Publishing


2000 Sewa~Cida DatSouthSumSears

2003 Mortal Kings R.A.N. R.A.W. (group)

2007-2008 Sewa~Cida presents... Sewa~Cida Thoughts; The Album Sewa~Cida Thoughts; The Mixtape

2009 Sewa~Cida Presents... Brangin Bak '96

2012-2013 Sewa~Cida GUT MUSIK Sewa~Cida Still Writing



Born in Birmingham AL 1983. Had some family problems coming up. Moved to Columbus, GA in 1993 influenced by Da Brat, Goodie Mobb, Outkast, Mystical . Start recording around 1996 with a clique known as O.B.C. School wasn't so much on the agenda. Although I got my GED (in jail). Then came the misadventure of a adolescence in poverty. Drugs, alcohol, girls and can't exclude music. SO, really its just Job Corp. , jail, alcohol, rehab, Decatur, GA.
Really started paying more attention to my music when I landed in Decatur, GA with my uncle who was fresh out of prison in 2006. Me and a producer friend of mine from Columbus, GA had big plans until alcohol and our direction created a conflict of interest. Needless to say, he went his way I went mine. Now you have classic tracks from a genuine producer artist clash on line and I'm still on the grind.

(sui-cidal) Sewa~Cida
The sewer is the underground!!!