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jewelzmagazine: AIGHT WHERE YOU FROM sewamouf: The Southside. Roseland! Wild 100's(the Hunids, not hundreds)! I was born on the west side though. Race and Waller. jewelzmagazine: CHI-TOWN NO DOUBT, HOW LONG YOU BEEN GETTING IT IN ON THE HIP-HOP SCEEN? sewamouf: Man, for a long time, dog. I been performing on stage since 95. sewamouf: I been recording since 95 as well! jewelzmagazine: OK, SO YOU BEEN AROUND FOR A MINUTE AND SEEN A FEW THINGS CHANGE HUH? jewelzmagazine: I HEAR YOU HAVE A NEW CD OUT ALSO sewamouf: Hell yeah. I seen a lot of shit change. Some for the better. Some for the worse. Yeah, my mixtape is out! Its called "16 in the Clip Pt.1". My people can pick it up right off of my page thru snocap. It will also be available on in September. jewelzmagazine: I FEEL YOU MAKING BIG MOVES, HOW MAN ALBUMS IS THIS FOR YOU NOW? sewamouf: This is my first solo mixtape. I been featured on my man's Jerome Hollis' album, The Chronicles. U can cop that on and on I been featured on over 25-30 mixtapes as well. jewelzmagazine: OK, YOU'VE BEEN PUTTING IN WORK, WHO YOU FEEL IN THE CHI RIGHT NOW? sewamouf: Sewamouf, J.Hustle(Jerome Hollins, I misspelled his last name the first time. Sorry.), The Grind King, Ced the Cannible, P.G., Dez Da God, Mr. Shenannigans, Twista, Lupe Fiasco, Gemini, Shayla G., Cappachena, Brown Audio, Add-2, Daily Planet, All Natural, Common, Kanye, Molemen, Metafakta, Diesaluno, Lord Shrewd, Crucial Conflict, Do or Die, Johnny P., and Naledge. jewelzmagazine: LORD SHREWD IS ON THIS ISSUE NOW, BUT ALL THOSE ARTIST IS A GOOD LOOK, WHAT PRODUCERS YOU FEELING sewamouf: Out the Chi? jewelzmagazine: YEAH sewamouf: Diesaluno(he's not a rapper, straight up producer and director), The Grind King, F.A.M. Carter, Dez Da God, Christos Capone, Metafakta, the Molemen(of course. That goes without saying), Kanye, No I.D., Tony Baines, Brian "All Day" Miller, Tommy Skillfingers, Harvey AllBangers is starting to heat up, Snap, Mil Ticket, Don Vito, Traxter, Cayex illah, Toxic, Wild Style, Capital D, Soundtrack, and Prolyfic. sewamouf: I forgot to mention the Productionix too! My fault. jewelzmagazine: WHAT DOES IT TAKE FOR YOU TO HIT THE STUDIO AND KNOCK OUT A HIT sewamouf: My notebook. jewelzmagazine: HAHA, THATS WHAT I'M TALKING BOUT, TELL ME WHAT DO YOU SEWAMOUF BRING TO THE ROUND TABLE OF HIP-HOP? sewamouf: Hardcore hiphop at its finest. I'm bringin back that True Skool hiphop. Good music. Good lyrics. No soda pop shit. My shit aint for little kids. Its for niggas that love to hear good lyrics and beats. That aggressive shit. I'm tryna bring back all the elements of music, not just rap. All this bullshit u hear on the radio now is not real music. I remember when music was music. The kids dont know about the drums, piano, flutes, horns, organs, etc. Real fucking instruments. They dont know that your voice is an instrument too! They need that. I'm hear to bring that back. Niggas can knock sampling if they want, but thats my kind of shit! I bring that soul, that pain, that blood, sweat, and tears! That Glory! That Gory Glory! jewelzmagazine: I FEEL YOU, I'VE INTERVIEW DIFFERENT ARTIST FROM DIFFERENT CITIES, HOW IS THE UNITY IN THE CHI NOW? sewamouf: I dont know, fam. I really dont know. I dont consider it no unity cuz EVERYBODY, AND I MEAN EVERYBODY(thats y I put that in caps) wants to be the fucking man. Not to mention, niggas dont support each other here. Dont get me wrong, its a lot of garbage niggas here, but its a lot of rappers, singers, producers, directors, actors, and dancers that got talent! But the people dont support they own. Our own fucking radio stations dont support us! Thats a fuckin shame! U go to any other city in any part of the country and you gon here their own artists. jewelzmagazine: I FEEL YOU ON THE RADIO STATIONS, NUT WHAT DO YOU THINK COULD BE DONE FOR AN ARTIST LIKE YOURSELF COULD DO TOGET ON? sewamouf: I just gotta keep putting out good music, placing adverisements in Magazines and online banners on different sites. Somebody will see that and sign me. I also need to shoot some videos and place them on the internet. I aint paying no station $3 to $5,000 just to play my joint once every nite around 2am. I cant do that. jewelzmagazine: WELOL BIG HOMIE I GOT YOUR BACK, YOU KNOW JEWELZ MAGAZINE HAS ALWAYS KNEW YOU WAS HOTT AND NOW WE CAN SHARE THAT THOUGHT WITH OUR READERS. THERE WILL BE A PAPER MAGAIZINE COMING TO DIFFERENT CITIES SOON. I DON'T KNOW IF YOU'VE BEEN KEEPING AN EYE ON THE RACE FOR PREZ, BUT IF SO WHO ARE YOU VOTING FOR? WE NEED OUR PEOPLE (HIP-HOP WORLD) TO START VOTING sewamouf: Barack Obama, of Couse. Thats a no brainer. But Hilary will win it. He's gonna b Vice President. And on the low, he's gonna have all the say so. Watch what I tell u. He's gonna be the one callin the shots and pullin the strings. She's the puppet. Thats how its gotta be. Especially if they want any relationship wit the midlde East. jewelzmagazine: W - Jewelz Magazine


16 in da clip..mixtape, 17 shots..mixtape,Dirty Cloud of Smoke..mixtape.

Last Night
City Under Siege
Money is Power
Someone Like U

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Sewamouf is a hardcore MC from the south side of Chicago’s infamous wild hundreds neighborhood that delivers a vast array of powerful lyrics in the form of excellent word play. Sewamouf has been putting it down for the Chi since the early 90’s and has formed a pretty good following to be an unsigned artist in tough Chicago market. With dozens of performance under his belt it should come as no surprise that his stage presence and energy during his act will leave you wanting to see more.

Right now Sewamouf is working on mixtape after mixtape after releasing his debut mixtape named 16 in da clip. He has appeared on dozens of well known dj’s mixtapes from Chicago,Philly,and also the UK. Needless to say Sewamouf has been working hard to get his name out to the hip hop community and get his voice heard. With that said,it would surly be in the best interest of all hip hop lovers and actual listeners of lyrical content to keep your eyes and ears to the streets so you won’t miss out a Sewamouf experience.