Hyper kinetic space-pop...


There's no story to SewerDoves. We are what we are, kids who want to play nice, gentle anti-rock for the rest of our lives in front of giant audiences without giving up our beloved 9-5 Jobs. We want to make buttloads of money and drive expensive Lexus' while our wives take the SUV's that guzzle gallons and gallons of gas to the grocery store with the kids. We love the system and adhere to all of it's rules. We think Avril Lavigne is God's Gift to the Industry. We think that everything anesthetized and sterile is the back bone of this great country of ours. We think that war is poetic and that oil is the savior of the masses. We think that Saddam Hussein is the Devil and George Bush the Second Coming. We think that this whole story of our band is a crock of...

In November, 2004, they are moving west and will be seen and heard in the LA area playing their spastic mayhem.


Subterranean Boogie (EP - 2002)
The Big Stink (EP - 2001)
I dunno, I duncare (Ep, 2001)
SewerDoves have songs on and
Our song, Necessary Contact, was the featured song on 4/15/03.

Set List

Our set list usually is between 8 -12 songs. We can play for hours, if needed, but prefer 45 - 60 minute sets.

Get Around
Necessary Contact
Leave It alone
empty Pockets
Broken Wheel