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Sex and Patriotism

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Metal


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"Rock On!"

Published 3/15/2007:

Michigan based rock band that has been getting a heap of attention both in and outside of Michigan-
Sex & Patriotism!

The band - including lead singer Chris Steele, Lead Guitarists Lon Bennett & Rusty Bigger, Bass Player Scott Bouchard and drummer Chad Burke have been touring non-stop across Michigan.
They've played with Drowning Pool, Silvertide, Revelation Theory, One Less Reason and more.
They're even planning a stop in Iceland this summer.
To add to the hoopla, S&P were just chosen as SoundPress/AMG/Epic Unsigned Artist of the Month for March 2007.
Chalk it up to the group's course, powerful vocals and high-energy, fun-loving rock 'n' roll swagger.
Steele is quite the wailer, and combined with the group's thick southern rock, think of them as the modern- day Aerosmith or Lynyrd Skynyrd. - LSJ/Gannett Press

"Live Radio & TV Interviews"

WJXQ Radio Interview Sept 18, '04
Q106 Radio Interview Nov 17, '04
WRIF Live Remote Sept 16, '05
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Impact Radio 88.9 / Lansing, MI / Live / Feb 8, 2007
Powerhouse Rock Radio / Live /Olympia, WA / Jan 26, 2007
All Access Radio / Live / Jacksonville, FL / Jan 19, 2007

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March 2008 Issue (full story & interview
Sex & Patriotism lands national distribution deal!
By Justin Hinkley
Enquirer 11-2-07 (full story & interview)
Sex & Patriotisms Album is "To Die" For!
Lansing State Journal
Anne Erickson 12-6-07
"Band releases new CD and tours with LA Guns......." (full story)
Sex & Patriotism "To Die For" CD Review
By Heather Burke January 12, 2007
Raven Entertainment Magazine

Sex & Patriotism is a killer rock band that has that cock rock feel that reminds me of LA Guns or Poison. I am so glad that there is starting to be a trend of bands like Sex & Patriotism showing up on the music scene in force.
I love all the songs on "To Die For". All of the songs have a killer blend of sexy vocals, kick ass instrumental, and wicked song writing. I also really liked the art work for the cd case. Which is one of the reasons I prefer cd's to mp3's.
I don't have a favorite song on this cd because the whole thing is so damn good!
If you haven't checked out Sex & Patriotism you defiantly should other wise you will really be missing out on some great music! Also Sex & Patriotism is currently on tour so watch for them to come to your town.
I've been working with these guys for a little while now and all i have to say is these guys are straight up kick ass rock n roll! I work with other rock bands and if any band has a chance to make it big it's "Sex and Patriotism".
Jeff Summer - J.S. DJ's, Detroit, MI

"Emerging with an updated take on your "true" rock n roll sound, "Sex
and Patriotism" doesn't just cater to all fans of rock, but leaves a
lasting impression in your skull! In a time where our musical climate has
a greater impression of being "fake", "Sex and Patriotism" clearly
break the mold. Whether it's the passionate and blistering "Eyes Do Lie",
or the somber and emotional "Here With Me", "Sex and Patriotism" combine
all the elements that make rock n roll so great. Passion, Energy,
Sincerity, Fun and most of all....its REAL!

Brian Christy - Radio Announcer WJXQ Lansing, Michigan.
I was asked a personal favor, by a mutual friend, to book this band called 'Sex and Patriotism'. Whenever someone asks me to book a band they always
say "dude, these guys rock", but that's not usually the case.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the show, but when I got back the following night all I heard was "Sex and Patriotism stole the show!", "where did you find those guys?", "very impressive music and live show", "very professional" and "you have got to get the guys to open for Naked Beggars (2 members of Cinderella)". Sex and Patriotism is always welcome back at Cheers because of their true dedication of bringing some of the best music the Midwest has to offer.
Bill Finn - Cheers, South Bend, IN
We dig your music. Fit 2 Be Tied and Brother Beware are hits!
Melissa Montuori-3D Entertainment-Boston
Hope you enjoyed your day at Michigan Pride! We loved having you perform and you put on a sweet show! Thanks for being part of our event!
Peace~ Sarah M.
Entertainment Director
The following are some more headings for live Newspaper and Magazine interviews. Not all inclusive of all press/media interviews done (not enough room here)...full articles furnished upon request
BlastZone Magazine 1-1-2007 Issue

A Day With S&P

Interview with Sex and Patriotism
Raven Entertainment Magazine
By Heather Burke 12-6-06

- Assorted

"Wham Bam Glamsterdam: Sex & Patriotism"

Good old Paychecks Lounge, the bar whose only requirement for a band to get a gig is a name. There is so much unrealized potential at this place. It’s reasonably big, has good location, and a decent sized stage. Regardless, the club has no idea what it is doing and typically books the worst bands Detroit has to offer. Every once in a great while though, a good band will play the club - usually by accident. Tonight was such a night when Lansing Michigan’s Sex and Patriotism drove in to play a show.
It’s a quarter after one and the audience is bored to tears. Finally, the token death metal band play their last “song” and leave. At approximately 1:30, Sex and Patriotism take the stage. The band is walking a fine line between buzzed and smashed. Sex and Patriotism is not a glam band. They are a hard rock band along the lines of vintage Guns 'n' Roses and Silvertide, but in today’s market that translates to glam. Flying V’s and Les Pauls through Marshall amps fuel their good times booze and broads attitude. There isn’t much time left in the night, but Sex and Patriotism are determined to give the small crowd their money’s worth.
Smiles and cheers replace tired eyes and a positive vibe rekindles the mortuary Paychecks could have passed for less then an hour ago.
2 am hits and the show is over. Time to pack up and go home. Fortunately, Sex and Patriotism has a cooler of beer stashed in the van. They collect their pay of a whopping thirty five bucks for saving the night and giving Paychecks a rare legitimate rock show.
You have to wonder why a band would drive in to town to play for thirty minutes and help pay a stranger’s mortgage. Sex and Patriotism answer that question in two words. Quite simply, “Lansing Sucks.”

- Annex22 Magazine by Eric Kluiber

"Review - R-N-R Dream"

BaldGuyShow #68 Thursday Artist Review - R-N-R Dream
Type: Podcast
Format: MPEG Audio
Length: 33.11 mb
Date: Jul 6, 2006 6:10 AM CST

I just found these guys on the PMN and they really cought my eye, with the name “Sex &
Patriotism” why wouldn’t it? then I listened to the first track, I was hooked on that song, the guitars were rockin and the vocals were strong, was it a accident or could a second song be [...]

This artist is a really good one. I love the name “Sex and Patriotism.“
Just a little bit about them:
“Sex & Patriotism.” The rebirth of Rock. Formed in MI Sex & Patriotism have brought back the vitality and high energy show to the Michigan music scene. The music full of killer vocals and soaring leads. Taking the best things from our favorite music and making them relevant once again.”

You know it…that’s exactly what these guy’s are doing. Their influences are Guns ‘n Roses, Soundgarden, Kiss and AC/DC.
(Reads play list then play’s 2 songs)
Well I lied. I said I wasn’t going to talk till the end, but just listening to the first two songs you got to say something.
My big thing is “WoW!” Do they kick ass or what?
That kind of rock hasn’t been played in a long time …anywhere...seriously
And I think these guy’s are showing they’re in , or out for the real ride of a lifetime and they kinda want to bring you along with them. And I’m going to be looking forward to hearing more of this music, because I really like it…and wow…Can’t let her be”.
(plays 2 songs)
One with the doGs ….all I can say is that one is kickin’ ass and takin’ no prisoners!
(plays song)
That’s what it’s all about. Crazy World. Crazy rockin! Great Guitars, great drums, great bass, great vocals.
This band is rippin’ it up and they’re going to rip up the Pod Safe Music Network. Everybody is going to be playing these people.
They’re fairly new to the PSMN and I’m glad I’m playing them now, because you guy’s get to hear some really kick ass rock.

Rock ‘n Roll Dream, I like this song. It’s the first song I heard and is what got me to play them from the get go. And like I said, what a name.. “Sex and Patriotism” for a band. Their name caught me. The song is a little cliché’, but good rock and roll is always a little cliché. Usually the chops are pretty easy…you know what your listening to when you listen to this band. This is a great party band. It’s a great band, just heading down the highway and you got that foot on the gas pedal and I guarantee if you’re in a 55 zone you’re doing 75 - 80 rockin’ out to these dudes. That’s exactly what it is.
(plays song)
Oh Yeah! That was some kickin’ ass music. Reminds me a lot of bands from the early to mid 80’s. The kind of rock’n roll that was just kickin’ and scratchin’ and rippin’ and tearin’ it up. I love it! I just love it.
Well, what am I gonna score these guys? “5 out of 5 dudes“....I’m serious…they’re that good and they’re going places.
A lot of times these type bands, when they put together a name like this, they’re not meant to be. I mean their name isn’t a big time rock band name, but
with chops like this and driving style, the fans aren’t going to care and are going to buy these songs and their CD and they’re just going to rip it up.
Michigan should be proud of their Sex and Patriotism, because these guys rock!
5 outta 5! -

"AMG announces Sex & Patriotism!"

May 14, 2007,
New York, NY
AMG announces Sex & Patriotism!

Straight out of Michigan and hot off the momentum of their debut LP “To Die For” Sex & Patriotism is back at it again. Often considered a fresh and modern answer to the void left by legendary rock bands such as Guns N' Roses, Sex & Patriotism was Artist of the Month by Sonicbids (competing for the coveted spot against 100,000 other artists). Sex and Patriotism also enjoys a packed touring agenda, including national openings and large venues, as well as a host of radio airplay.

Sex and Patriotism has shared the stage with many well know artists
including Drowning Pool, Silvertide, Revelation Theory, Lennex, Blacklist Union and have just finished a 3 show run with SPONGE and side project Crud. Sex and Patriotism is going back into the studio to record their second full lenght CD in a few months.Fans can expect more killer vocals and soaring leads with great hooks.

Alpha Music Group is an Artist Development and Management Firm.
Alpha Music Group * 1133 Broadway* Suite 706
NYC, NY 10010 - Sound Press/AMG

"Lansing's Response to Guns N' Roses"

Chris Steele grew tired of waiting for the new Guns N' Roses album.

So the Lansing rocker did the only thing he could think of: he made his own.

It's not exactly Guns N' Roses, but "To Die For", the debut effort by his band Sex & Patriotism, melds everything he loved GNR for: fierce dual guitars, forceful drums and sincere lyrics.
While it's up to potential fans to determine if they're the second coming of Axl and the boys, Sex & Patriotism already has the look and attitude down.
Sex & Patriotism might be capable of re-creating a sliver of '80s Velveeta rock, but its sound is solid and catchy.
Sex & Patriotism shows are wild and high-energy, about what you'd expect from a band that channels Mötley Crüe, Kiss, and maybe a little bit of the Beach Boys. But you won't see these guys wearing matching suits or shirts and cargo shorts on stage. They have too much personality for that. - Lansing Noise-Christian Czerwinski-March 29, '06

"Sex and Patriotism Knows How to Make Arena Rock"

The guys of Sex and Patriotism have a simple mission, and that is to make true rock believers out of whoever's path they cross.
It's a heavy collection of vignettes that can be found on the group's latest disc, "To Die For." And it's weighty enough to have scored the guys opening gigs for some big names in the rock/metal world. Those would be Silvertide, Revelation Theory and Flickerstick (yes, of VH1's "Battle of the Bands" fame).
That means grand stage antics and showman-like charisma. That means, at times, members even leaping off the stage and playing in the crowd.
"They put on a whole stage production instead of just standing at the mike and playing and singing," Williams said. "People respond to the energy and fun S&P brings to the stage. ... No matter where the fans look, they have somebody or something they can watch at all times."
"The kind of 'Motley Crue, let's-party- and-shake-it-'til-we-drop' sort of feel. With S&P, the girls love them; the guys want to hang out with them. It's all good."
- LSJ/Gannett Press/Anne Erickson/March 30, '06

"A Day with S&P/Review & Interview"

Sex & Patriotism "To Die For" CD Review
By Heather Burke January 12, 2007
Raven Entertainment Magazine

Sex & Patriotism is a killer rock band that has that cock rock feel that reminds me of LA Guns or Poison. I am so glad that there is starting to be a trend of bands like Sex & Patriotism showing up on the music scene in force.
I love all the songs on "To Die For". All of the songs have a killer blend of sexy vocals, kick ass instrumental, and wicked song writing. I also really liked the art work for the cd case. Which is one of the reasons I prefer cd's to mp3's.
I don't have a favorite song on this cd because the whole thing is so damn good!
If you haven't checked out Sex & Patriotism you defiantly should other wise you will really be missing out on some great music! Also Sex & Patriotism is currently on tour so watch for them to come to your town.

Interview with Sex and Patriotism By Heather Burke 12-6-06

HB: Hi. How are you doing today?

Hey there, Pretty good, thanX. Just got back from visiting people for Thanksgiving festivities. Drank too much, ate way too much, and now today I'm mostly napping. Saving my strength for Guns N' Roses or tomorrow in Detroit! He better fuckin' show up! lol

HB: How did the band Sex and Patriotism come together as a band?

Hmm... Well this rapper chick I knew named KayC thru a mutual friend, kept getting on my ass about doing something with my talent. So after another chastising I went down to the local music store Music Manor and walked up to the counter. I said "Hi I'm ChriSteele and I can do this and this and this...etc. and I'm lookin' for a band". The guy across the counter said "Oh.. really...?" and I said "Yeah... really." His name was AJ. He started coming over to my house every day and we'd sit in front of my fireplace and write. Soon we had material to start rehearsing. AJ knew some other guys and after a few quick line up changes we had the lineup for the first album "To Die For". We played those songs live for about a year and fine tuned them and released our first CD in march of 06.

HB: Where did the name Sex and Patriotism come from?

From a conversation AJ and I were having about a song I was trying to write lyrics too. I said half of it sounded very sexual and half of it sounded patriotic, then AJ said sex and patriotism and I said ... ummm no, no way that will never work! lol Then it just kind of grew on us. At first we were almost afraid to tell people the name of our band when they asked! Now we declare it proudly. The first time someone hears the name of the band, it may seem shocking, strange, or even provocative, but once you know the band and the sound of the band those two words no longer mean the same thing. Now it's a name of a band, uniting the two words. People don't usually forget it!
It's a risky name I'll admit, but I love the duality of it, and it's ability to start a conversation. Sex & Patriotism... two things everyone has in common, yet are different and individual to us all. Both very different but very powerful and somehow for me they are two extremes that balance each other well. They're both beautiful things, but they can also both kill you.

HB: Where does the band draw its inspiration from when it’s working on new music?

I'd say the first record was made from all the things we loved from the bands we grew up with. It's got a rock n' roll, Gn'R, Kiss, AC/DC type vibe for sure. It was no accident though, we were all very diverse musically listening to ALL kinds of music and we all played different kinds of music than what we do in the band. For this record though we really felt the world NEEDED this record. Everything is so downer and uptight everywhere. Fear, terror, consume, buy, sell, love, hate, Jerry Springer, Iraq, the war, Sept. 11th, Columbine, etc. We think people need a fucking break.
We set out to make a record that was FUN first of all, upbeat. Something that you could escape in. The album is definitely not light and fluffy in subject matter, but the delivery is that of a positive prognosis. You can write songs about negative things and still do it in an positive perspective. Songs about relationships gone bad, about sex, about patriotism, about living in a dog eat dog world, but I wanted to make you feel BETTER about all that shit instead of dwell on the negativity of it all. We wanted to create a cure for that constant inundation of hate, depression, and stress. At least for 45 minutes! It also set us apart from most other bands in the scene.
As for the NEXT record, I approach each album as a separate project. I am constantly influenced by my surroundings. I intend to keep evolving and changing as a person and an artist and I hope I never make the same album twice. Of course now, having a new line-up of other very accomplished musicians to work with will also play a part in evolving our sound in itself. Chad Burke, Scott Bouchard & Lon Bennett are bringing in idea’s and styles of their own, which not only adds freshness to the originals but excited anticipation on new songs and projects.

HB: For our readers that are unfamiliar with Sex and Patriotism. How would you describe you’re music style?

I'd say right now, str8 up rock n' fuckin' roll.

HB: Would you say when your working on new music your experimental?

Music as a form of art should always be experimental. I supposed it all depends on what your intention is.

HB: Sex and Patriotism is really starting to come in to the spotlight as a known indie band. What is that like for you?

Well, I guess I haven't really thought about it. It is just happening whatever "it" is. I'm proud of how much we have achieved on our own. Everyone in this band has always worked very hard toward our goals. It's nice to have your work recognized.

HB: Did you ever doubt that Sex and Patriotism is going to make it big?

DID I ever doubt if S&P IS going to make it big? Well I think what you meant is, Do I ever doubt we WILL make it big? You never know where life is going to take you. So far mine has taken me down this path pretty consistently. I do this because it's what I do. It is what I am I am what it is. Whatever that means. It's about the journey, I'm not going to pretend to even guess where mine will lead me. I just have to trust that it's where I was meant to be.

HB: You’ve been touring a lot lately. Is that causing any kind of friction in the band?

No. There's been great shows and not so great shows, but it's all par for the course. We all love playing and performing. Even when there's a day that we don't FEEL like playing, by show time were ready to rock and by the end of it all we wouldn't have it any other way! Our shows are fun!

HB: So far what has been your most memorable moment while on tour?

Hmmm, God, it's been kind of a blur... Opening for Silvertide was very cool! Opening for the guys in Saliva and Earshot "Solace4Now" that was pretty cool! Every night is a different experience. Playing Planet Rock in Battle Creek, MI is one of our favorite places. That's always a blast! We’re performing there on New Years Eve, and looking forward to it!

HB: One of the bands you were touring with was Filmore Slim. There has been a lot of drama going on with Filmore Slim and their former lead singer Vic Wayne. Did that have any effect on the tour?

No, it didn't affect our band, besides the friction in their band being a sad thing. They're one of my favorite bands to play with. I guess I'd say the only way it affected it is if they'd been available more we would have been able to play more shows with them. I wish everyone involved well.

HB: If you could tour with any band who would it be?

The Darkness

HB: Why?

I just think they have one of the best attitudes towards touring. They don't give a fuck! They know how to have a good time and turn a venue into a party! I just wish they'd come play the states more! Bloody Bastards!

HB: What’s next for Sex and Patriotism?

Well in 07 we’re planning on coming down to Chicago, Cleveland, up to Canada. We've also been invited to play some festivals further south so who knows where we'll end up! Working on new material this winter and hopefully have a new CD out next summer, but you never know! You can try to plot out a course, but it's "every which way the wind blows", and "there are 2 paths you can go on but there's still time to change the road your on", lol.
I do know this, unless the powers that be stop me. I'll continue to write and record the best music I know how, continue to push and discuss the bounds and ideas of Sex & Patriotism, and continue to give you the best show my body will allow!

HB: Thank you for doing this interview. Is there anything you would like to add?

Your welcome, ThanX for asking. Hope you enjoyed the disc and the dvd. Don't know when this will be printed, but hope 2 C U ALL OUT THERE SOON!!

Chri§teele S&P

- Raven Entertainment Magazine

"Sex & Patriotism Tearin' It Up In Italy"

Slam Magazine 6/12/2006

Translated from Original Italian:

On the false line of groups like Silvertide and beautiful company, here one new promising band coming from from Michigan been born in the spring of 2004. They call Sex & Patriotism and in the wait of the imminent escape of their first disc “To Die For” they make to taste 4 warmth us rock'n'roll song.

The sounds discostano much from those of “Show & Tell” even if are not peeld more “sour”, but the general organization me seems that one: “Tearin' It Up” must something also to the old KISS, “Eye's Do Lie” perfumes of Seventies, “Fit 2 be Tied” strizza the eye to the Black Crowes and therefore also “Crazy World” is made to appreciate for its marked vein rock'n'roll.

I know that it is not the case launch proclami after 4 pieces, but the feeling is that the quartet is on the just road and that is proposed like one of the act to hold of eye, freschi and coivolgenti, and of sure still riusciranno to make to speak about himself on the SLAM pages!

Original Article:
By Moreno in Italy:

Sulla falsa riga di gruppi come Silvertide e compagnia bella, ecco una nuova promettente band proveniente dal Michigan nata nella primavera del 2004. Si chiamano Sex & Patriotism e nell'attesa dell'imminente uscita del loro primo disco "To Die For" ci fanno gustare 4 calde rock'n'roll song.
I suoni non si discostano molto da quelli di "Show & Tell" anche se un pelino più "acerbi", ma l'inquadramento generale mi sembra quello: "Tearin' It Up" deve qualcosa anche ai vecchi KISS, "Eye's Do Lie" profuma di Seventies, "Fit 2 be Tied" strizza l'occhio ai Black Crowes e così anche "Crazy World" si fa apprezzare per la sua marcata vena rock'n'roll.
So che non è il caso di lanciare proclami dopo 4 pezzi, ma la sensazione è che il quartetto sia sulla strada giusta e che si propone come uno degli act da tenere d'occhio, freschi e coivolgenti, e di certo riusciranno ancora a far parlare di sè sulle pagine di SLAM!
- SLAM!! Magazine/Italy


High Horses / Digital Single
Bamboosk8 Compilation Cd
Self titled EP, (S&P)
To Die For / Full CD
One with the doGs Video Single / DVD
Live @ the Machine Shop / CD & DVD
Live @ The ROXY / DVD
Live@ Planet Rock Nightclub / DVD
Live@The Emerald Theater / DVD
Live@Planet Rock II/ DVD
F.U.L.A Compilation / Volume 5 Entertainment Mag
Taste of Michigan Compilation /Studio 1 Productions
Rock n' Roll Damnation / Volume 2 Entertainment Mag

Movie Soundtrack / "True Love"

Selected as a Sound Press/AMG Artist for May 2007.
Selected as 2nd place winners to open for Def Leppard over 227 other artists in the Detroit area (by fan vote) July 2007

Distributed by:
Nightmare/Fontana/Universal Distribution/Koch (USA & International)

CD sold in all major retail and digital outlets.

Radio Airplay includes (but not limited to)
WDBM-FM Impact East Lansing, MI
WRIF-FM 101 Detroit, MI
WWBN-FM 101.5 Tuscola/Flint, MI
WJXQ-FM Q106 Lansing, MI
WBXX 95.3 FM Jackson, MI
WMIX102.5 Hillsdale, MI
WRKR 107.7 Kalamazoo, MI
WDRQ-FM 93.1 Detroit, MI
WZUU-FM Kalamazoo, MI
Antenna2fm Italy
98.9 FM / Nashville, TN
WRVU 91.1 FM / Nashville, TN
XM Satillite Radio
Sirius Radio
Power House Rock Live Radio/Olympia, WA
All Access Radio/Jacksonville, FL

A Few Other Places We Can Be Found: (Several Stations)



Rock *n* roll is alive and well, and thrives in a band called Sex & Patriotism.

Fueled by their love for music, and passion for living the "Rock n' Roll Dream". S&P fuses a sexual energy not seen since the days of bands like The Stones, Kiss, GNR and Aerosmith with the volatile ideas of patriotism, and being willing to die for what you believe.. This culminates into an explosive performance of All American Rock n' Roll back with a vengeance.

The band has made a genuine name for itself through its determination to play as many shows as possible, and it's blistering debut release "To Die For".

"It's hard work that's paid off" in a big way. Since forming in 2004, Sex & Patriotism has opened for and toured with major-label artists such as LA Guns, Black Stone Cherry, Sponge, Silvertide, Drowning Pool, Crud, Revelation Theory, Bobaflex, Lennex, Machina (Evenessence), Fixer, Britny Fox and more, rocking stages from small intimate clubs to large theaters and amphi theaters.

In 2007 Sex & Patriotisms was chosen as Sound Press/AMG Artist of the Month for March from over 100,000 bands. They were crowned runner up out of 227 bands in the *Fox Rocks Detroit Def Leppard/ Styx* contest in July of 2007. The fan-voted contest earned them a spot on the Fox 2 news hour. Tracks from "To Die For" were also featured in the film *True Love* (Four Weird Guys Pro. LLC).

After coming off tour with LA Guns in 2008, and returning to the disintegrating Michigan scene founding member/ frontman ChriSteele decided to relocate Sex & Patriotism to a healthier scene "Music City" Nashville, TN. To rebuild the lineup and record the forthcoming 2nd release tentatively entitled "RIOT". Serendipitously as if they heard the call the members to complete the new lineup guitarist Lord Henry from S.C., guitarist Gabriel Love from PA., and drummer Josh Evans also of MI moved to Nashville around the same time in pursuit of the same thing; a real deal rock n' roll band. They met up with bassist P.D.A. in Nashville to complete the lineup.

Musically, influences range from early rockers Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and Aerosmith, to early Guns n' Roses, Def Leppard, and AC/DC, and modern rockers, Shinedown, Nickleback, and The Darkness. It*s a dynamic sound and energy that is captured on the group*s current full-length, *To Die For.* The disc has received excellent reviews and coupled with the band*s live shows and International radio and web play, has created a buzz in the rock world with fans and industry professionals alike.

The brang new digital single "High Horses" recently leaked to myspace has fans anxiously anticipating it's release! It boasts an even more dynamic sound, and gives a peak into what this next album will be like with the new lineup! It will be used on the upcoming compilation cd for BambooSk8 boards along side some major hitters like Powerman 5000, CKY, Story of the Year and more as well as a few other bands on the New World Artist Management Roster!

The band is currently writing, recording the new material, and performing in the Nashville, TN area getting ready for a full tour in 2009 to support the new release. Their demo "Livin' on the Fly" posted on the myspace has gotten rave reviews from fans who say they can't get it out of their head, or wait to hear it live! They will get their chance soon, as Sex & Patriotism will be out, and rock your town upside down soon!

SEX & PATRIOTISM, Strong and lean, One bad machinne, You'll know what I mean! Runnin so hot, Got one shot, Never gonna stop! Full on speed, We got what you need! This is a Rock N' Roll Dream!