Sex In Cars

Sex In Cars


primus on 400 hits of acid in a smoky jazz club at three in the morning with bands of gypsies dancing about an oddly shaped pearl. sax, keys, guitar, bass, and drums with female vocals spew forth gypsy jazz math metal between the two hemispheres of your unsuspecting brain.


Sex In Cars began with Novocaine / Brass Knuckle Surfer drummer Mike Barnes, guitarist Phil Sehenuk and former Something Left After Misfortune bass player Joe Renter jamming in late 2003. This trio solidified a style of instrumental rock that included odd rhythmic schemes as well as material of the more head banging variety. After playing few and far between shows under the name Foundry, keyboard player and vocalist Michelle Cox joined the force. Once keys and vocals were worked into the songs, the band changed its name to Sex In Cars and recorded its first demo at Arsis Music Productions in early 2005. Afterwards, Sex In Cars played numerous shows around town including shows with national psychedelic act Junius and famed Avant-rock band Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Attending the Sleepytime show was saxophone player and vocalist Kerry Brunson. Kerry hopped on board to fill out the Sex In Cars sound. Since then the band has played shows that include opening for Captured! By Robots. The current set includes styles ranging from metal, gypsy music, tango, Jazz, Italian film music, Latin, and funk fusion. ..

Set List

Our sets are typically 40 minutes to an hour of all original songs. Typical Setlist:
Joey Lawrence
Temple of Beef
Hacienda de Chihuahua
Kenny Jihad
You Blame
Ceremony for the Infected