Sexis Sixes

Sexis Sixes

 Akron, Ohio, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Retro rock with young fresh faces, Sexis Sixes brings the audience a new attitude on pop music. With leads by Rachel Roberts and Ryan Beke, both accredited on their own, together explore songwriting that includes facets of rock, 70s pop and funk, alternative, jazz, and blues.


"Millions of people dying to meet you..." - Sneakin' Away

In the spring of 2011, when Rachel Roberts renewed creative collaboration with Boston-based musician Ryan Beke and broadened the sultry retro rock sound of Rachel's Secret Stache, the band embraced the evolution and rechristened itself SEXIS SIXES.

A collision of blues-tinged rock, vintage pop, and singer/songwriter depth, the Sexis Sixes patchwork sound seamlessly backdrops lead singer Roberts vocal range- a command that swaggers from intimately soulful to arena powerhouse and all places in between. Bolstering Roberts and Beke's vocals and guitars are Joe Golden on bass and Anne Lillis on percussion.

After playing together for three years, releasing two albums as Rachel's Secret Stache- "The Brown Bag" and "Alive in the Dungeon"- and sharing stages with The Black Keys, Chrissy Hynde, DEVO, and others, Sexis Sixes are at the forefront of Akron, Ohio's next wave rock and roll scene.
This summer, Rachel Roberts and Ryan Beke will embark on an intimate venue tour of Los Angeles to promote Sexis Sixes. They are also finishing up their debut album, titled "Retroflections."

Rachel Roberts will be living and traveling the Cali coast throughout the summer and getting ready to release their music video "A Drink in the City," which was recently recorded on the roof of the Dana Hotel in downtown Chicago.


The Plunge

Written By: Rachel Roberts

Found it for a moment in Chicago
I felt the world was in my two hands,
and I thought somebody opened oceans,
flooded all the floors,
through the ceiling of my own bed-
and I liked it running through the hall in my head
thinking bout the words that you said,
"I'm ready now to take the plunge."

Lost it for a moment in the corridor
Las Vegas got me looking for maps
and water almost disappeared
but quickly surfaced
as sweat upon my face and my hands
and the wind was running through the hall in my head
thinking bout the words that you said
"I'm ready now to take the plunge."


The Brown Bag: Rachel's Secret Stache (LP)
1. Do it Right
2. Bloody Knees (Radio airplay)
3. Mixed Up (Streaming online radio)
4. Skelebones (Streaming online radio/ Under the Radar Magazine sampler)
5. Rescue You
6. The Book
7. Modest Affair
8. Gotta Go
9. Twisted Beauty Black (Music video streaming online)

Alive in the Dungeon: Rachel's Secret Stache Live (EP & DVD)
You can see the videos on youtube:
1. The Curve
2. Stairwell
3. Bloody Knees
4. Sneakin' Away
5. Twisted Beauty Black
6. A Drink in the City

SEXIS SIXES: Live at the Art Factory 3/25/2011 (EP)
1. Midnight Virtuoso (video on youtube)
2. Nothing New/ Dreamlover
3. Drink in the City (video on youtube)
4. More
5. Trouble
6. Goodbye

Set List

The Plunge
Dream Lover
Feel Like This
The Curve
Mr. Lovesick
Bloody Knees
Midnight Virtuoso
A Drink in the City
Sneakin' Away
Twisted Beauty Black