Sex & Missiles

Sex & Missiles


Sex & Missiles an energetic original organic sound that just breathes sexiness! An eclectic group that unites all genres of music together. We don't put on shows we throw parties. We're all about having a good time and that's what Sex & Missiles portrays.


We are 4 guys from 4 very different backgrounds and together we're a melting pot of sound. Yet it's a sound that unites all genres.

We bring the best of everything into our performance which creates a party at every show! With songs that keep you moving from head to toe.

We're story tellers with a feel good sound and its contagious as it spreads around.

Surprisingly we get along unlike most bands do. And we've become the best of friends in a business that can ruin you.

As cliche as it sounds a lot of it has to do with timing and luck but what people always seem to forget is the drive and persistence that goes along with it. And in this unreliable and fickle world we've come together.

Sex & Missiles is our name!


3 Song Demo:
Keep Me Here
Sound So Clear
(First 3 songs we've written and recorded)

Set List

- Mainly Originals
- 2 or 3 Top 40 Covers
- 30 to 45 minute sets